The White Shadow (1924)
Production Company: Balcon-Saville-Freedman. Distribution Companies: Woolf and Freedman Film Service (U.K.), Lewis J. Selznick Enterprises (U.S.). Producers: Michael Balcon, Victor Saville. Director: Graham Cutts. Assistant Director / Editor / Art Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Scenarist: Alfred Hitchcock, from Children of Chance by Michael Morton. Photographer: Claude L. McDonnell. Cast: Betty Compson (Nancy and Georgina Brent), Clive Brook (Robin Field), Henry Victor (Louis Chadwick), A.B. Imeson (Mr. Brent), Olaf Hytten (Herbert Barnes), Daisy Campbell (Elizabeth Brent), Bert Darley, Maresco Marisini, Donald Searle, Muriel Gregory. Transfer Note: Copied at 18 frames per second from a 35mm tinted print preserved by the Academy Film Archive from source material provided by the New Zealand Film Archive. New Music: Michael D. Mortilla (score, piano, and percussion) and Nicole Garcia (violin). Running Time: 42 minutes, with new credits and intertitles. Incomplete (3 of 6 reels survive).

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