Research Materials

The ethnographic field research included in this collection comprises materials researched and compiled by the Works Projects Administration staff working on the California Folk Music Project in addition to ethnographic fieldwork documented by Sidney Robertson Cowell during the course of the project. It includes song transcriptions and research, field reports, and articles written about the project.

Ethnographic Research Compiled During WPA Project

Instructions To WPA Staff

Instructions to Workers.
Forms to assist in doing fieldwork.
Bibliographic Key Work [Subject Heading] List.

Field Reports written by Sidney Robertson Cowell and submitted to the Northern California WPA.

Notes on miscellaneous songs recorded for the California Folk Music Project.

Five Portuguese Folk Dances from the Azores.

Song Transcriptions of miscellaneous English- and Portuguese-language songs.

List of Portuguese Songs Indexed and Organized by Alice Avila, WPA Staff.

Ethnographic Writing About The WPA Project

Sidney Robertson Cowell article, "The Recording of Folk Music in California," (1942).

Sidney Robertson Cowell's outline for a book never published, "Folksong in California," (1954).

Brett Topping article, "The Sidney Robertson Cowell Collection," (1980).

California Folk Music

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