How to Order Audio and Photographic Reproductions

Copies of audio and photographic materials found in the WPA California Folk Music Project may be ordered by writing to the Reference Librarian, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave., Washington, D.C. 20540-4610.

Please detail the specific items you are interested in having reproduced and the uses to which the materials will be placed. If possible, send copies of down-loaded printouts of individual items being ordered.

To Order Copies of Recordings

For phonoduplication requests, indicate the format (cassette, open reel, or DAT) you would like and the AFC Call Number listed on the item-level song record. The Library's Recording Lab charges on an hourly rate, billable in quarter-hour segments, plus the cost of tape and shipping. If you order materials that are not consecutive, each "skip" from one item to another is reckoned as five minutes of engineering time to be added to the total.

The American Folklife Center will forward your order to the Recording Lab. The lab, in turn, will send you a form to sign, indicating that you are taking responsibility for the copies you will receive. You will need to return that signed form together with the estimated pre-payment, and the lab will then schedule the work. The process usually takes from six to eight weeks.

To Order Copies of Photographs

For photoduplication requests, indicate the size and format (slides, negatives, or prints) you would like to have plus the AFC Call Number listed on the item-level photograph record. In addition, please supply your phone number or e-mail address. The American Folklife Center staff will contact you with information on specific ordering procedures.

For further contact information, go to the American Folklife Center address and phone numbers page.

California Folk Music

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