Newspaper Pictorials: World War I Rotogravures

Chief Events of the War Timeline: 1914-1919


June 28—Francis Ferdinand shot at Serajevo.

July 5—Kaiser's War Council at Potsdam.

July 23—Austro-Hungarian note to Serbia.

July 28—Austria declared war on Serbia.

July 31—State of war in Germany.

Aug. 1—Germany declared war on Russia.

Aug. 2—German ultimatum to Belgium.

Aug. 3—Germany declared war on France.

Aug. 4—Great Britain declared war on Germany.

Aug. 10—France declared war on Austria.

Aug. 12—Great Britain declared war on Austria.

Aug. 15—Fall of Liége.

Aug. 16—British Army landed in France; Russian advance into East Prussia.

Aug. 20—Germans occupied Brussels.

Aug. 23—Japan declared war on Germany.

Aug. 24—Fall of Namur.

Aug. 25—Sack of Louvain.

Aug. 27—German victory of Tannenberg.

Aug. 28—British victory in the Bight.

Aug. 20—New Zealanders in Samoa.

Sept. 2—Russians took Lemberg.

Sept. 3—Paris Government at Bordeaux.

Sept. 4—Pact of London signed.

Sept. 5—End of retreat from Mons.

Sept. 6—First Marne battle begun.

Sept. 15—First Aisne battle begun.

Sept. 16—Russians evacuated East Prussia.

Sept.  23—First British air raid in Germany.

Oct.  9—Fall of Antwerp.

Oct. 13—Belgian Government at Havre.

Oct. 20—First battle of Ypres begun.

Nov. 1—Naval action off Coronel.

Nov. 5—Great  Britain declared war on Turkey.

Nov. 7—Fall of Tsing-tao.

Nov. 10—Emden sunk.

Nov.  21—British occupied Basra.

Dec. 2—Austrians in Belgrade.

Dec. 8—Naval battle off the Falklands.

Dec. 14—Serbians retook Belgrade.

Dec. 16—Germans bombarded West Hartlepool.

Dec. 18—Huessein Kamel, Sultan of Egypt.

Dec. 24—First air raid on England. 

Excerpted from The War of the Nations: Portfolio of Rotogravure Etchings, 526-27.


Polish soldiers in a World War I battlefield

descriptive record icon enlarge image icon [Detail] "Polish Infantry of the German Army in East Prussia Advance Over Flat Ground in Extended Order Firing From Individual Rifle Pits."  New York Times, November 22, 1914, [2].