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Coca-Cola Television Advertising: Acknowledgments

From The Coca-Cola Company

Philip Mooney, Ted Ryan, and Helen Nash of the Archives Department wrote framing documents, supplied supporting digital images, and provided bibliographic information about the television commercials. Jurretta Heckscher and Emily Baker of the Library of Congress also made contributions to the framing documents. Under contract with Coca-Cola, Larry Ritter at VTA of Atlanta, Georgia, produced the MPEG and QuickTime video files. Shari Jackson, of Coca-Cola, worked as a liaison between Coca-Cola and VTA.

From the Library of Congress

Thomas Bramel managed the project, created the streaming video files, and developed the database.

Dominique Pickett and Michael Black of Information Technology Services (ITS) created the Web site design and the Flash presentations.

Mary Ambrosio of ITS programmed the indexing of the collection database.

Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Emily Lind Baker of the editorial team in the National Digital Library Program (NDLP) edited the framing texts.

From the NDLP's legal team, Melissa Smith Levine evaluated rights issues and permissions requirements. Emily Howie researched and sought permissions to use relevant published articles.

Karen Lund of the NDLP and Mike Mashon of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division wrote framing documents.

From the NDLP's American Folklife Center production team, Christa Maher created thumbnail images of the films, Rachel Howard scanned images, and Robin Fanslow and Christa Maher did HTML coding.

Marc Dudley, of ITS, provided assistance in the production of the video files and thumbnail images.

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