Posters from the WPA

Posters from the WPA: Acknowledgments

Staff from many offices of the Library of Congress assisted with the development of the online presentation of the WPA posters.

Staff from the Prints and Photographs Division include:

Jan Grenci, Reference Specialist, and Elena Millie, Poster Curator, who wrote the framework elements and selected the images for the special presentations.

Arden Alexander, Barbara Hoyniak, Greg Marcangelo, Tracy Meehleib, and Woody Woodis, Catalogers, who cataloged the posters.

Phil Michel and Timberly Wuester, Digital Conversion Specialists, who coordinated the image digitization.

Helena Zinkham, Head of the Technical Services Section, and Kristi Finefield, Reference Technician, who assisted in the editing of the framework elements.

Mary Ison, Head of the Reference Section, who coordinated the development of the site as project leader, assisted in the editing of the framework elements, and helped analyze image rights.

Information Technology Services staff who contributed to the project include Mary Ambrosio and Dave Woodward, who programmed the indexing and display of the documents; and Dominique Pickett and Michael Black, who prepared the Tony Velonis interview with the assistance of National Digital Library Program staff member Thomas Bramel.

National Digital Library Program staff who contributed to the project include Andrea Dillon, who created the graphic design and HTML coding for the collection's online framing materials; Melissa Smith-Levine, who evaluated rights issues; and Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Emily Lind Baker, who edited the framing texts.

In addition, the staff of JJT, Inc. created the digital images.

Posters from the WPA