Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920

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The Institute for Regional Studies obtained all rights, including the copyright, to the Fred Hultstrand and the F.A. Pazandak collections at the time of their donations. Some of the photographs in the Fred Hultstrand collection were taken by other early photographers in the region and thus the copyright may be with others, rather than Mr. Hultstrand. Whenever possible, the Institute has provided in the Hultstrand catalog record all known information regarding the photographer, owner of the original negative or print, or other persons associated with the print. This information is provided as a service to aid patrons in determining the appropriate use of an item, but that determination ultimately rests with the patron.

Any use of prints from these two collections requires that credit be given to the collection and the Institute. The proper credit line for each can be found in the "Notes" area of the catalog record. They are: Fred Hultstrand History in Pictures Collection, NDIRS-NDSU, Fargo; and F.A. Pazandak Photograph Collection, NDIRS-NDSU, Fargo. Consult the Institute's web site for detailed information regarding photograph use conditions, use fees, and permission to publish.

The nature of historical archival photograph collections means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine. The Institute is eager to hear from anyone who may have additional information regarding photographs in either the Hultstrand or Pazandak collections.

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Northern Great Plains: Photographs from the Fred Hultstrand and F.A. Pazandak Collections