Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920

The production of this web site reflects the contributions of many individuals. Without their support and hard work this project could never have been accomplished. But first, we must acknowledge the creators of these two collections, Fred Hultstrand and F.A. Pazandak. It was through their interest in photography that these images were created, collected, and preserved. Sincere gratitude also is extended to their daughters who recognized the importance of their fathers' work and wanted to ensure that work was preserved, to be used and enjoyed by many. For the Hultstrand collection we acknowledge Donna Jean Hultstrand Verwest. For the Pazandak collection we acknowledge Elaine Pazandak Rumelhart. Both researchers and the public are indebted to their contribution in preserving a portion of the history of the Northern Great Plains and America.

Photo IconThe initial encouragement and support for submitting the proposal for the Library of Congress/Ameritech National Digital Library Competition came from Mark England, Assistant NDSU Libraries Director for Information Technologies & Planning; and John W. Beecher, former Director of Libraries. In addition, Mark England assisted in developing the technical component of the proposal. Others contributing to the development of the proposal included Michael Robinson, NDSU Archivist; Pam Johnson, archives assistant; Chuck Duffie, Creative Director, Sundog Interactive of Fargo; and Chandice Johnson, Director, NDSU Center for Writers. It was through the combined efforts of these individuals that our proposal was successful.

Numerous persons have been closely involved, during the award period, in the production of this web site. Pam Johnson, the information projects specialist who was hired through the award, devoted her energies to ensuring the digitizing of the images and the numerous other details of the project were done smoothly and timely. It was a pleasure working with Chuck Duffie, of Sundog Interactive in Fargo, who brought his expertise and enthusiasm to the development of the introductory pages. Eric Parsons also brought his expertise in the development of selected web pages. Michael Robinson, NDSU Archivist, contributed much time and expertise to the researching, writing and editing of the textual material, particularly the selected bibliography and North Dakota historical overview. Tricia Velure, archives graduate assistant, also was actively involved in the researching, writing and editing process for the biographical sketches of Hultstrand and Pazandak.

Numerous other individuals contributed their knowledge and time in developing the material for this site. Donna Jean Verwest and Elaine Rumelhart provided valuable additional information and comments in the writing of the biographical sketches of their fathers. Charles Durham's detailed knowledge of farm machinery proved invaluable in cataloging the images. He also wrote the farm implements descriptions and the histories of the farm machinery manufacturing companies. Lisa Hanson assisted in proofing, editing, and revising the catalog records and the textual material; and Jeff Watkins helped with preservation work on the collections. Other NDSU library staff were always ready to lend their assistance to technical matters as they arose, including Joe Gregg, Russ Jury, Justin Deri, and Mark England. Requested assistance was also willingly given by Drs. David Danbom, Hiram Drache and Carl F.W. Larson.

Acknowledgment must also be given for the support received from Dr. Tom Riley, Director of the Institute for Regional Studies and Dr. Richard Bovard, Interim Director of the NDSU Libraries. The commitment of North Dakota State University to this project, particularly the acquisition of the necessary equipment, is much appreciated.

A special thank you is extended to Ameritech for its support of American Memory and allowing institutions like North Dakota State University to be a part of this nation-wide effort to bring digital collections of primary resources to everyone.

The staff at the Library of Congress was most helpful before and during the award period. Caroline Arms, David Woodward, and many others at the Library of Congress worked closely with us to answer our many questions to make the project run smoothly. A personal thank you is extended to the staff of the Prints and Photographs Division at the Library of Congress. Over the past years, they have always been willing to provide advice and assistance to the project director, as the Institute for Regional Studies began the automated cataloging of its photographic collections. They include Arden Alexander, Barbara Orbach Natanson, Sarah Rouse, and Helena Zinkham.

John E. Bye
Archivist, Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University
& Project Director

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