Fort Valley State College Folk Festival


Bell, Charlie O.; Baritone
Bond, Edward
Bond, James
Brown, Buster; vocal and harmonica
Chastain, Will; guitar
Chestain, Sonny; guitar
Cochran Field Singers
Davies Hill School Chorus
Duffy, J.F.; guitar
Ellis, Charles; piano
Ezell, Buster (Bus)
Ezell, Buster (Bus); banjo
Ezell, Buster (Bus); guitar
Ezell, Buster (Bus); vocal and guitar
Ford, Osa
Ford, T.J.
Four Brothers, The
Gaines, Elwood
Gay, Mrs. Beatie
Gibson, Gus; guitar
Gibson, Gus; vocal
Golden Jubilee Quartet
Gregory, Richard
Holloway High School Quartet
House Davidson Singers
Houston, Bertha and congregation
Jackson, Sam (Deacon)
Jackson, Sam (Deacon) and Choir
Jackson, Sam (Deacon) and Choir [Choir of Oak Grove Missionary Church]
Jackson, Sam (Deacon) and Choir of Oak Grove Missionary Church
Johnson, Warren G.
Lincoln Park Singers
Mathis, Allison; guitar
Middle Georgia Four
Middle Georgia Singers
Mixed Quartet of First Baptist Church, Byron, Ga., led by Deacon Albert Johnson
Monch, Matthew
New York, Georgia, Singers
Parker, Cleve
Purnell, H.P.; First Tenor
Richardson, Zema
Sacred Harp Singers
Sander, Alvin; guitar
Silver Star Singers
Singer with piano
Singers at Fisk University
Smith Band (guitar, banjo, bass, fiddle)
Smith, C.E.; Bass
Sneed, James; vocal and washboard
[Spiritual Four] Quartet
Spiritual Four Quartet
Stripling, Sydney
Stripling, Sydney; banjo
Thomas, John Lee; harmonica
Traveller Home Singers
Turner, Alma
Turner, Monroe
Turner, Oscar
Walker, J.W.; Second Tenor
Winrow, Anthony