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About the Project (Veterans History Project)
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An Important Message

Announcing Founding Partners and Contributors
For the past decade the Veterans History Project (VHP) of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress has been actively following its Congressional mandate to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans. To date, the Veterans History Project comprises over 68,000 individual collections that are available to researchers and the general public at the Library of Congress. Of that number, more than 7,000 are digitized and are accessible online through the VHP Web site.

VHP’s success is due to the dedication, inspiration, and diligent work of the thousands of organizational volunteers across the country who requested to be VHP Partners. They followed the guidelines and materials to record the one-of-a-kind personal recollections of America’s wartime veterans.  These dedicated volunteers are now the official Founding Partners, an exclusive group listed on the VHP Web site.

Although VHP has reached this important 10-year milestone, much remains to be done. There are millions of American veterans living today, each with a unique story to tell. The only way VHP will be able to collect, preserve, and make accessible these wartime stories is through the continued dedication of volunteer contributors.

VHP Contributors
Any individual or organization who submits a VHP collection is considered a VHP Contributor. VHP publicly recognizes VHP Contributors on the biographical page of each veteran’s interview. In addition, a search of the Contributor/Affiliation name in VHP’s online database shows the total number of collections submitted by each VHP Contributor.

VHP staff is grateful to all veterans who sacrificed and served—and who tell their story so that it can be preserved in the Veterans History Project.  Also we are extremely grateful to all VHP Founding Partners and future VHP Contributors. With the continued support of this network, we are certain to enjoy many more years of success.

How to Participate
All volunteers—individuals and organizations—are encouraged to record stories of wartime veterans for the Veterans History Project.  To get started, simply follow the steps to Participate and download the VHP Field Kit. Keep up-to-date with the latest VHP guidelines, tips and spotlights by subscribing to our RSS feed. If you have any questions, we encourage you to refer to the FAQs or the VHP Field Kit first.  Should your question not be covered there, please contact us.

Again, many thanks for recording and submitting the thousands of stories that comprise this vibrant collection of personal histories of our nation’s wartime veterans.  We appreciate your understanding, patience, and support as we transition to a program designed to recognize the efforts of all VHP participants.

Volunteer interviewers are essential to preserving the legacy of America’s veterans.

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  April 3, 2009
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