After the Day of Infamy

After the Day of Infamy: "Man-on-the-Street" Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor was created through the efforts of many individuals and generous grants from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, the New Deal Network, and the Save Our Sounds project funded by Save America's Treasures Program.

Within the Library of Congress, support came from numerous individuals. The core team consisted of Ann Hoog and Michael Taft, who were instrumental in several areas including writing sections of the presentation, reviewing transcribed interviews, and helping shape the look and feel of this online presentation. Peter Alyea and Larry Appelbaum digitized the audio portions of the collection. Domenico Sergi and Lisa Cope digitized the manuscripts and record sleeves. Laura Graham converted the transcripts to SGML. Tracey Salley designed and created the Web pages. Robin Fanslow and Andrea Dillon assisted with HTML edits. Andrea Matles Savada edited all of the written materials and Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Pamela Roper Wagner edited parts of the text. Programming was done by David Woodward and Barak Stussman. Myron Briggs worked on copyright and permissions issues and Rosemary Graham assisted with much of the quality review. Rachel Mears transcribed the sound recordings. John Barton served as Project Manager and coordinated all aspects of this online presentation.

Thanks to Christa Maher and Robin Fanslow for their help in training and guiding project staff throughout the production process. Belinda Urquiza managed network resources and Marcia K. Segal helped manage computer resources. Carl Fleischhauer and John Howell provided technical guidance on a number of issues. Alberta Prosser identified the song "My Soul, Be On Thy Guard." Dan Rader provided advice on legal and copyright matters.

Stephanie Hall, James Hardin, Todd Harvey, and Christa Maher assisted in developing an earlier, smaller version of the Web presentation.

Special Thanks

The following archives and libraries helped gather information about the collection's fieldworkers and interviewers: Carleton College Archives, Indiana University Archives, Rockefeller Archive Center, University of New Mexico Archives, University of Wisconsin Memorial Library, Cape Cod Community College Archives, and the Unitarian Universalist Church Archives.

After the Day of Infamy