American Notes: Travels in America


The following people have contributed much time and creative energy to the preparation of this online collection:

General Collections Team, American Memory - Steve McCollum, team leader, selected the theme, coordinated the overall production, and designed the structure for the site. Lisa Lee and Jurretta Jordan Heckscher also greatly assisted in evaluating and selecting items for the collection. Lisa Lee coordinated the quality review process for text and images and performed other valuable administrative tasks. Aaron Chaletzky and Matthew McCrady ably assumed the quality review and administrative duties.

American Memory Design Team staff - Tracey Salley created the graphic design for the American Notes site.

ITS staff - Barak Stussman was responsible for creating the technical framework, making it possible to display the text and images. Caroline Arms provided display and search expertise for the Web presentation of collection items.

Conservation Office - Alan Haley provided conservation expertise, including a physical evaluation of the collection materials, repair work, and handling instructions for the onsite scanning contractor.

Cataloguing - Dave Reser, Tom Bishop, and Caroline Arms were responsible for upgrading existing MARC records as needed. They also successfully coordinated American Memory item-record style for display with in-analytic records contained in the Library of Congress catalog. An "in-analytic record" is a cataloging designation for works (primarily volumes) that have multiple titles with associated bibliographic records for each title in addition to the multi-volume bibliographic record for the whole set.

Library Services staff - Deborah Thomas arranged staffing for the quality review and administrative duties.

Copyright - Meg Alessi coordinated contact with the Library's Office of General Counsel for copyright issues. Mike Hughes evaluated rights issues and permissions requirements.

Editorial - Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Andrea Matles Savada provided the editorial work for the framework documents.

American Notes: Travels in America