American Leaders Speak


The Nation's Forum recordings are being distributed by the Library of Congress with the cooperation of Sony Music Entertainment and the family of Guy Golterman. Planning assistance was provided by the Recording Industry Association of America.

We gratefully thank the New York Public Library and David Goldenberg for providing copies of several of the recordings presented here.

The background information and special presentation were written by Joanne B. Freeman and Hugh Gallagher, with the assistance of Gene DeAnna, Carl Fleischhauer, and Ted Morgan. Special thanks are extended to Edward Golterman, Guy Golterman's grandson; Donald McCormack of the New York Public Library; and historians Steven Smolian and David Goldenberg. In addition, we wish to thank Library of Congress staff members Thomas Bramel, Samuel Brylawski, Robert Carneal, Michael Donaldson, Ricky Erway, John Haynes, Mary Ison, Carol Johnson, Bernard Reilly, and Mark Ziomek. In 1992, an experimental CD-ROM-XA version of this collection was produced by Peter Bloch and Micheal Yampolsky of Interactive Arts, Santa Monica, California, and won a Silver Cindy award from the Association of Visual Communicators.

February 2001 web presentation update

Within the National Digital Library Program, Melissa Front, graphic designer, redesigned the Web presentation including the home page image and the existing special presentation. She also created the Speaker Portrait Gallery special presentation, designed and implemented related site revisions, and set the stage for future site upgrades. Many thanks go also to Martha Anderson, Nancy Eichacker, Karen Lund, Glenn Ricci, and Tamara Swora-Gober for their support of this collection's Web site redesign.

Many warm thanks go to the Prints and Photographs Division for their invaluable contributions of digitized photographs and staff expertise. In particular, thanks go to Timberly Wuester, digital conversion specialist, for rescanning and preparing beautiful new images of the speakers for use in the special presentations. Thanks, also, to Phil Michel for his expert guidance and support.

The Information Technology Services Division deserves thanks for ongoing technical support provided for this collection. Special thanks to David Woodward, programmer/analyst, for updating the indexing and programming for this collection.

American Leaders Speak