Emile Berliner and the Birth of the Recording Industry


Band and Orchestra
Admiral Dewey March --United States Marine Band
The Crack Regiment -Sousa Band
Funicoli Funicola [sic] --Banda Rossa
Manhattan Beach March --[Unidentified Band]
Medley Quadrille: with Figures Called --Metropolitan Orchestra
Ocean breezes --Victor Herbert's 22nd Regiment Band
Orange Blossoms --Sousa's Band
Pomona Waltz --[Unidentified Orchestra]
Rendez vous valse --Metropolitan orchestra
Sounds from the Sunny South --Metropolitan Orchestra
Stars and Stripes Forever --Sousa's Band
William Tell Overture --Banda Rossa
Zenda Waltzes --Higgins' Orchestra

Adeste Fideles --[Unidentified Chimes Performer]
Can You Then Love Another --Simone Mantia
Carnival of Venice --Jean Moeremans
The Carnival of Venice --Charles P. Lowe
La Cinquantaine --Dorothy Hoyle
Eli Green's Cake Walk --Cullen and Collins
Fantaisie Variée --Jacques L. van Poucke
The Garden of Flowers --Simone Mantia
Hearts and Flowers --Chris de Arth
Home, Sweet Home --August P. Stenger
Home, Sweet Home --[Unidentified Chimes]
Hooneymoon [sic] March --[Unidentified Pianist]
Hunter's Farewell --Trumpet Quartette from "The Fortune Teller"
Jigs and Reels --Marie McNeil
The Little Speranza --Jean Moeremans
Musin Mazurka --Jennie Hoyle
National Fantasie --William Paris Chambers
Old Folks at Home --August P.Stengler
On the Banks of the Wabash --Arthur Pryor and Henry Higgins
Original Schottische --Joseph Norrito
Polka Variata --Jean Moeremans and Jacques L. van Poucke
Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes --Charles P. Lowe
Scarlet Letter --Cullen and Collins
The Seraph --William Paris Chambers
The Serenade --Vess L. Ossman
Spaghetti Polka --F. Jardella
The Stars and Stripes Forever --Vess L. Ossman
Street Piano No. 2 --[Unidentified Barrel Organist]
Sweet, Sweet Love --Arthur Pryor

Spoken Comedy
Auction Sale-Household Goods --Len Spencer
Casey's Address to the G.A.R. --John Terrell
Casey as Doctor --Russell Hunting
A Few Words in Regard to Drinking --John Terrell
Street Fakir --George Graham
Talk on Money --George Graham
Uncle Josh's [sic] Weathersby in a Department Store --Cal Stewart

Popular Music Vocalists and Vocal Groups
America --George J. Gaskin
Bobolink --Virginia Powell Goodwin
Che Gioja --Virginia Powell Goodwin
The Church Across the Way --Annie Carter
Col. Lawley's Salvation Choruses --John Lawley
Columbia, Gem of the Ocean --Florence Hayward
Columbian Anthem --Haydn Quartette
Hello, Ma Baby --Len Spencer
Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back --Maud Foster
Hold the Fort --Len Spencer
A Hot Time in the Old Town --Dan W. Quinn
I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard --George Gaskin
I Love Her Just the Same --S. H. Dudley
Just As the Sun Went Down --Edna Florence
The Lord is My Shepherd --Florence Hayward and Harry Macdonough
The Man Behind the Gun --S. H. Dudley
My Old Kentucky Home --Edward M. Favor
My Sins Rose As High As a Mountain --John Lawley
Never Did the Same Thing Twice --Dan W. Quinn
Private Tommy Atkins -John Terrell
Punchinello --Grace McCulloch
Rock of Ages --Albert C. Campbell
The Shadows on the Door --Will F. Denny
A Son of the Desert Am I --J.W. Myers
Sweetest Story Ever Told --Haydn Quartet
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp --S. H. Dudley
When Johny [sic] Comes Marching Home --John Terrell
Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight? --Haydn Quartette
Zizzy, Ze Zum Zum --John Terrell

Classical and Opera
Africana. All'erta marinar --Alberto del Campo
The Palms --Ferruccio Giannini
W Santa Lucia --Ferruccio Giannini
Sonambula aria --Alberto del Campo

Spoken Word
Ingersoll at the tomb of Napoleon --W. F. Hooley
Lincoln's Speech at Gettysburg --W. F. Hooley
Lord's prayer; 23rd psalm --Dr. B. Sunderland
On Hope --Robert Green Ingersoll
Sentiments on the Cuban Question -Buffalo Bill
Sermon on the Mount --T. De Witt Talmage

Foreign Language
Adios a Mexico --Arthur B. Adamini
Ay Chiquita --Arthur B. Adamini
Caramba --Arthur B. Adamini
Dem Skona Adlaida --William Mattsson
Fille de Madame Angot. Couplet Clairette --Laura Libra
Hej Mazury: Polish Song No. 8 --Mr. Torowicz
Les Huguenots --Bernard Bégué
Laughing Song --Maurice Farkóa
Los Lindos Ojos --Eugenie M. Ferrer
Malin --William Mattsson
Vive la Canadienne --Eugene Danton
Zyczenie: Polish Song No. 6 --Mr. Torwicz

Bugle calls No. 1
Morning on the Farm --N.R. Wood
Whistling Medley --Milton M. Clark
The Mocking Bird --Harry Taft

Arapaho No. 44, 45. Ghost Dance
Commanche No. 1. Ghost Dance
Caddo No. 15. Ghost Song
Kiowa. Mescal Song. Daylight Song
Piute. Gambling Song ; Arapaho No. 67. Ghost Dance
Arapaho No. 73. Ghost Dance
Arapaho No. 1. Ghost Dance
Arapaho No. 9, 28. Ghost Dance
Kiowa No. 15. Ghost Song ; Caddo No. 12. Ghost Song
Kiowa No. 12. Ghost Dance
Caddo No. 2. Ghost Dance
Arapaho No. 52. Ghost Dance

Emile Berliner to his grandson Bobby Frank
An address at Atlantic City, July 7, 1908 [excerpt]