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William P. Gottlieb served as a consultant.

Music Division

Jon Newsom (Chief, Music Division) provided administrative support and subject expertise.

National Digital Library Program

Morgan Cundiff (Senior Digital Conversion Specialist) served as project leader and was responsible for project planning, workflow tracking, file system management, Web site design, database design, data conversion, and recording, digitizing, and editing audio clips.

Jeni Dahmus (Digital Conversion Specialist) was responsible for writing the Web site text, cataloging, workflow tracking, file system management, image quality review, database design and editing, derivative image creation, Down Beat article digitization, physically processing the collection, and participating in extensive interviews with William Gottlieb to gather information about the photographs.

Glenn Ricci (Digital Conversion Specialist) was responsible for Web site design and construction including graphic design and HTML programming.

Carl Fleischhauer (Technical Coordinator) served as a consultant on digital imaging issues, participated in interviews with William Gottlieb, and provided support with many other aspects of the project.

Phil Michel (Digital Conversion Specialist) provided project management support and served as a consultant on digital imaging issues.

Tracy Meehleib (Cataloger) served as a consultant on cataloging issues.

David Arbury (Digital Conversion Specialist) assisted with derivative image creation and the scanning of Down Beat articles.

Melissa Levine (Legal Advisor) managed legal issues and permissions requirements.

Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Emily Lind Baker (National Digital Library Program Editors) edited the Web site text.

Information Technology Services

Dave Woodward (Programmer Analyst) provided programming support and created the technical framework.

Automated Planning and Liaison Office

Ardith Bausenbach (Senior Automation Planning Specialist) provided bibliographic systems support.

Prints and Photographs Division

Donna Collins (Photographic Preservation Specialist) assisted with processing and evaluating preservation concerns.

Helena Zinkham (Head, Technical Services) served as a consultant on cataloging issues.

Conservation Division

Andrew Robb (Photograph Conservator) assisted with the evaluation of collection materials.

Special thanks to:

John R. Stokes, Angela Bukowy, and the staff of JJT, Inc. for creating the digital images of the negatives, contact prints, and published prints.

Ed Enright of Down Beat magazine for granting permission to scan and display selected articles.

Gottlieb Home Page