The following Library staff were instrumental in the processing, cataloging, digitization, and online presentation of the Benjamin K. Edwards Collection of Baseball Cards: Barbara Hoyniak, Thadas Jeffers, Harry Katz, Jane Makich, and Phil Michel of the Prints & Photographs Division; Carl Fleischhauer of the National Digital Library Program; and Dave Kelly of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division.

Library staff lending additional expertise and support include: Katherine Arrington, Linda Ayres, Katherine Blood, Brett Carnell, James Carroll, Gay Colyer, Charls Jenkins, Carol Johnson, Ellen Kays, Elena Millie, Anne Mitchell, Barbara Natanson, Sarah Rouse, and Helena Zinkham of the Prints & Photographs Division; Mary Ambrosio, Lisa Fruth, Tom McGettrick, Ann Slaughter, and David Woodward of Information Technology Services; Emily Baker, Jeff Finlay, Andrea Greenwood, Steve McCollum, Dominique Pickett, Barak Stussman, and Deborah Thomas of the National Digital Library; Helen Mathura of Contracts & Logistics; and Andrew Robb and Ann Seibert of the Conservation Office.

Special thanks to John R. Stokes, Angela Bukowy, and the staff of JJT, Inc. who created the digital images; James L. Gates, Jr. of the National Baseball Hall of Fame; and Helena Wright of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

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