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General Correspondence and Related Documents, 1793-1877, n.d.
Family, personal, and business letters sent and received, supplemented by clippings, drawings, contracts and agreements, drafts of writings, notes, and receipts. The letters document Morse's family, his career as an artist, his development of the telegraph, patent lawsuits, scientific exchanges, and politics. Arranged in groupings of bound volumes and unbound letters and chronologically therein.

Letterbooks, 1854-1872
Letterpress copies of letters sent. Most of Morse's outgoing correspondence is found here. Several volumes are indexed. Arranged chronologically.

Diaries and Notebooks, 1805-ca. 1840
Diaries and notebooks describing Morse's European travels and containing sketches and observations on art and architecture. One diary from Morse's youth. Diaries are arranged chronologically and notebooks arranged by subject.

Scrapbooks, Clippings, and Newspapers, 1842-1861
Bound and loose newspaper clippings, newspapers, and broadsides relating to art, the telegraph, and Morse. Grouped by type of material and arranged in approximate chronological order.

Printed Matter, 1826-1919
Books, pamphlets, magazines, and broadsides relating to art, the telegraph, and Morse. Arranged by subject matter.

Miscellany, 1830-1855, n.d.
Correspondence, notes, maps, drawings, broadsides, speeches, telegraph message tape, and other materials.

Addition, 1827-1871
Mostly correspondence from Morse to his brother Sidney and other individuals. Arranged by recipient or sender and then chronologically.

Samuel F. B. Morse Papers Home Page