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The generous support of the AT&T Foundation made the digitization of the Samuel F. B. Morse Papers possible.

Leonard C. Bruno, Science Manuscript Historian in the Manuscript Division, oversaw the selection process, provided subject-area expertise and guidance during the project, and wrote historical contextual materials for the Web site.

Margaret Alessi, National Digital Library Team Leader in the Manuscript Division, coordinated the overall production of the Morse Papers scanning project. She provided specialized guidelines for the digitization of the collection from microfilm, made arrangements for the scanning of original materials, and was responsible for image quality review, the placement of delivered images into a digital repository, and the copyright permissions process. She also researched and wrote historical contextual materials for the Web site in consultation with the Manuscript Division's subject specialist, Leonard C. Bruno.

We would particularly like to thank Tamara Swora-Gober, Digital Conversion Projects Coordinator, for providing guidance on numerous digitization and production issues and for serving as the contracting officer's technical representative for the scanning contract.

Special thanks go to the staff of the Manuscript Division for their support, especially Paul Chestnut, Head of the Preparation Section; Allan Teichroew and Richard Bickel, Assistant Heads of the Preparation Section.

Various National Digital Library Program (NDLP) staff members provided indispensable support to the project throughout planning and production. Glenn Gardner provided invaluable assistance with project planning, image quality review, copyright permissions research, and timeline and family tree research. Elizabeth Madden was responsible for the creation and continual maintenance of a production database. Laura Graham offered advice and shared her experience with scanning from microfilm. Christopher Pohlhaus and David Brooks coordinated and tracked the receipt of image batches from the scanning contractor. Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Emily Lind Baker edited the framework materials. Glenn Ricci was responsible for the Web pages' design and final production. Melissa Smith-Levine, NDLP legal advisor, advised the team on copyright issues for the Morse Papers, and NDLP law librarian Emily Howie provided research support.

From Information Technology Services (ITS), David Woodward was responsible for the programming of indexing and the display of the documents. Dominic Sergi and other staff from the ITS Digital Scan Center were responsible for the digitization of twenty-two original items from the Morse Papers.

From the Conservation Division, Alan Haley supported the project through his evaluation and treatment of the small portion of original materials that were scanned.

Colleen Cahill, Geography & Map Division, coordinated the scanning of four original maps from the Morse Papers.

The Morse Papers production team thanks the Prints and Photographs Division for their assistance with the photographic portion of this project.

Preservation Resources, a Division of Online Computer Library Center, Inc., digitized the Samuel F. B. Morse Papers from Library of Congress microfilm. Special acknowledgment goes to Meg Bellinger, President of Preservation Resources, and her staff, especially Lynn Wagner, Greg LeMar, Glenn Musgrave, and the scanning team.

The Morse Papers production team extends its appreciation to Lisa Murdough and the members of the Morse Society (, who supplied most of the genealogical information for the Morse family tree.

Samuel F. B. Morse Papers Home Page