The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana


From the Rare Book & Special Collections Division

Elizabeth Gettins, team leader, digital collections, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, led and coordinated the production of this presentation.

Clark Evans, head of the Reading Room, Rare Book and Special Collection Division, wrote the essay on Alfred Whital Stern and provided his expertise on all matters Lincoln.

Mark Alan Williams transcribed many of the manuscripts and provided SGML for all manuscript materials. He created all derivative images for the collection and also provided expertise in enhancing the three-dimensional images in the collection.

Division and Reading Room Staff

Tammy Bryant, George Chiassion, Tamikia Epperson, Patricia Penon, and Thelma Wiley, provided assistance in locating materials as well as assisting with reading room procedures.


Joel Kaufman, Library of Congress Digital Scan Center, served as the lead for digitization of the Stern Collection. Others from the Digital Scan Center who assisted with digitization included Karl Rogers, Thaddus Jeffers, and Domenic Sergi. Glen Krankowski digitized the three-dimensional items.


David Eugene Woodward served as the technical programmer for the entire collection. Barak Stussman also provided technical expertise.

Christa Maher created the structure of the production database, advised on the creation of MARC and Non-MARC records in the collection, and ensured accuracy of the data.

Steve McCollum produced OCR for the collection and created TIF headers.
Elizabeth Madden collaborated with Information Technology Services, obtained server space, and provided expertise on server management and structure.


Lynn Kidder provided consultation and conservation of the items, worked closely with the scanning of the items to ensure proper handling, and re-housed many of the items in the collection.


Caroline Arms and Christa Maher provided overall cataloging guidance. David Reser updated the MARC bibliographic records in the collection.

Web Design and Editing

Colleen Byrne designed the Web pages and graphics for the collection. Sam Mclemore designed the 3-D object viewer.

Andrea Matles Savada served as the editor for the collection.

A special thanks goes to Daniel W. Stowell, director and editor of The Papers of Abraham Lincoln for providing data naming conventions to the law monographs.

Acknowledgments for the first release of Lincolniana Song Sheets:

  • John Pull (team leader), Connie Everhart, Abigail Grotke, Sarah Mason, and Salwa Samaan. American History Specialist Rosemary Fry Plakas, Reference Specialist Clark Evans, and Mark Dimunation, chief, Rare Book and Special Collections Division
  • Special Materials Cataloging Division, Rare Book Team, especially team leader emeritus Jerry Wager and Meredith Shedd-Driskel
  • Conservation Office, especially Ann Seibert and Mary Wootton
  • Contract officer Helen Mathura
  • Paul Chestnut, Manuscript Division
  • Public Affairs Office, especially Guy Lamolinara
  • Staff of the National Digital Library Program with special gratitude to Beth Davis-Brown, Martha Anderson, and Tamara Swora, contract officer technical representatives; Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Emily Lind Baker, editorial team; David Woodward, programming team; Andrea Greenwood, Web design team; Danna Bell-Russel, publicity; and Elizabeth Madden, production liaison.