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Carpenter's geographical reader; North America

[Detail] Carpenter's geographical reader; North America


Collection Overview

American Notes: Travels in America, 1750-1920 presents over 250 books documenting the travels of Americans and those from overseas visiting the colonies and eventually the new country of America. Included are their comments about the people and the countries they visited. Authors included in this collection are James Fenimore Cooper, William Cullen Bryant, Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Frederick Law Olmsted, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Special Features

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Historical Eras

These historical era(s) are best represented in the collection although they may not be all-encompassing.

  • The American Revolution, 1763-1783
  • The New Nation, 1780-1815
  • Expansion and Reform, 1801-1861
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877
  • Development of the Industrial United States, 1876-1915

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