Photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company, 1880-1920

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Selected Bibliography

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Related Collections

The Colorado Historical Society (external link) (Denver, Colorado) has approximately 13,000 images from the Detroit Publishing Company, primarily glass plate negatives of views west of the Mississippi. Their collection also includes vintage photographs, Photochrom prints, postcards, and the Detroit Publishing Company's negative record log. The Historical Society also has one of Jackson's diaries from the 1870s.

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village (external link) (Dearborn, Michigan) has approximately 18,000 vintage photographs, 9,500 postcards, and 2,500 Photochrom prints from the Detroit Publishing Company.

New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives Division (external link) (New York City) has Jackson diaries from the 1870s through his retirement, including diaries from the World's Transportation trip and Jackson's years with the Detroit Publishing Company.