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Career Paths at GPO

Business Products and Services

Business Products and Services focuses on the development and sales of competitive niche products and services and the integration of social media strategies.

Typical positions include: Marketing Specialists, Printing Plant Workers, Contact Center Specialists, Content Acquisition Specialists, Bookstore Clerks, Supply Technicians, IT Specialists, Communications Specialists, Analysts, Professional Designers and Developers.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing represents all of GPO's products and services and focuses on understanding customers' needs through extensive outreach. Major corporations such as Xerox, Dell and Kodak, as well as agencies such as GSA, have learned that this relationship-focused approach improves sales.

Typical positions include: Printing Services Specialists, Graphic Designers, National Account Managers, and Program Coordinators & Analysts.

Printing Procurement

Printing Procurement includes Central Office Agency Strategic Teams (ASTs), Regional Offices, Quality Control, and certain Requisitions. This organization works to strengthen GPO's focus on delivering products as efficiently as possible, focusing on work-flow to improve value-added.

Typical positions include: Printing Services Specialists and Program Coordinators & Analysts.

Official Journals of Government

Official Journals of Government oversees the print and electronic requests for two daily newspapers, The Congressional Record and The Federal Register. This organization will also process work for Senate and House bills, reports, hearings, documents, law and other Congressional publications.

Typical positions include: Printing Services Specialists

Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration is focused on organizational management of administrative support services and develops policies and procedures pertaining to programming and budgeting for all cost centers, funds, and programs within the agency. This organization is also responsible for the GPO's Appropriations submission to Congress and report to the Joint Committee on Printing.

Typical positions include: Accountants, Budget Analysts, Financial Data Analysts, Program Managers, and Printing Services Specialists.

Human Capital

Human Capital professionals assist all GPO employees on every step of their career path. This department provides assistance in areas such as strategic Human Capital planning and policy, position classification, recruitment, benefits, performance management, employee relations, and workforce development and training.

Typical positions include: Human Resources Specialists, Recruiters, Human Resources Analysts, Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, and Training Coordinators.

Operations Support

Operations Support includes Engineering, Safety, and Environmental Programs. This organization ensures a close association of maintenance and safety functions, allowing safety to be built into agency operations.

Typical positions include: Safety Specialists, Police Officers, various crafts and trades.

Publications and Information Sales

Publications and Information Sales coordinates the daily operations of sales planning and development, sales services and outreach, and sales support.

Typical positions include: Program Analysts, Market Research Analysts, Graphic Designers, Account Managers, and Education and Outreach Coordinators.

Library Services and Content Management

This organization provides oversight for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), the Cataloging and Indexing Program, International Exchange Service, and ByLaw Program.

Typical positions include: Program Analysts, Librarians & Catalogers, and Education and Outreach Coordinators.

Information Technology & Systems

Information Technology assists internal and external clients with business systems development. This team handles all IT services including Web development, network administration, database analysis, systems programming, and project management.

Typical positions include: Web Designers, Programmers, IT Specialists, and Network Administrators.

Plant Operations

Plant Operations is responsible for printing and electronic publishing for Congress and many agencies government wide. Products include America's passports, the Federal Register, Congressional Record, and various Congressional publications.

Typical positions include: Printing Services Specialists, Proofreaders, IT Specialists, and Management Analysts.

Security and Intelligent Documents

Guides the agency's businesses for e-Passports, smartcard e-IDs, electronic certificates for credentialing, and document transfer and authentication.

Typical positions include: Printing Services Specialists, Program Managers, Bookbinders, Electrical Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers.


The Acquisitions Office is responsible for the planning and management of GPO's acquisition program that includes multi-million dollar federal acquisition and procurement initiatives of technical and information systems.

Typical positions include: Contract Specialists, Management Analysts, and Program Managers

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