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Job Search

As an agency GPO possesses a diverse wealth of talent with employees representing many diverse administrative fields and trades. If you are an energetic, inventive individual looking for a challenging, yet rewarding career opportunity, GPO may be the place for you! Please click on the link below to view current vacancy announcements for GPO. You will be directed to a GPO-specific listing on the USAJOBs website.

If no jobs are currently open at GPO, your search result will say No jobs matched the query

For questions concerning this page, please contact Human Capital Operations at 202.512.1308

Current Jobs Available

Number Position Title Closing Date
13-818700-JW Senior Auditor, PG-0511-13, Shift 1 01/18/2013
13-818743-JW Auditor, PG-0511-12, Shift 1 01/18/2013
13-817363-BJ Library Technician PG-1411-05, Shift 1 01/16/2013
13-816408-DF Director, Projects and Systems, PG-1410-15, Shift 1 01/14/2013
13-815447-DF Supervisory Librarian, PG-1410-13, Shift 1 01/11/2013
13-797407-JW Supervisory Printing Services Specialist, PG-1654-14, Shift 1 01/08/2013


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