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Top Ten Reasons to Work at GPO

  • Public Service - GPO keeps America informed by providing citizens access to the information of Congress and the Federal Government. By joining the GPO team, you can ensure that the power of the American people is protected through the power of information. Help keep America informed at GPO!
  • Career advancement - Joining the GPO team now is a great opportunity. In 2004, 50% of the Federal workforce was eligible for regular and early retirement. That means there's more opportunities for you. In the coming years, the GPO and the government will be hungry for emerging leaders -- you could be one of them!
  • Job stability - Today's economy and job market is ever-changing. Working for the Federal Government provides job stability and a variety of careers throughout all Federal agencies.
  • Diverse and culturally rich environment - GPO is an equal opportunity employer and provides reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. The aim of this initiative is to foster a diverse, professional atmosphere where every employee can contribute to GPO's mission.
  • Outstanding benefits - GPO offers a competitive benefits package including health insurance with no waiting periods or pre-existing condition limitations, term life insurance, and retirement benefits. For the first three years, employees receive 13 days of paid annual and sick leave and 10 Federal holidays. Annual leave is increased to approximately 20 days per year after three years of service and 26 days after 15 years. View a comprehensive list of GPO's employee benefits.
  • Work/Life Balance - GPO offers Alternative Work Schedules to ensure a healthy balance between work and your life outside of the office. In some cases, you can work four 10-hour days per week, and get the fifth day off. Or you could work eight 9-hour days, one 8-hour day, and use the tenth day as your day off. GPO also offers opportunities for Telework.
  • Training and development - At GPO, we're committed to investing in the growth of our employees. GPO supports continued education and encourages you to learn the skills that will serve you in your vocation and the skills that GPO will need for the future.
  • GPO's transformation - GPO is undergoing a major transformation from print-based manufacturing to digital, information-based technology. This transformation will create exciting new opportunities in a diverse range of occupations.
  • Location - Whether you're commuting from Maryland, Virginia, or inside the District, GPO is commuter friendly. We're located one block from Union Station, the hub for Maryland's MARC Commuter Train, Virginia's VRE Train, and the Red Line of the DC Metro. Even better, GPO offers mass transit subsidy!
  • Student Loan Repayment Program - GPO offers a competitive Student Loan Repayment program up to $10,000 a year with a maximum of $60,000 per employee. The Student Loan Repayment Program is used as a tool to recruit "hard to fill" vacancies and as a retention incentive.
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Top Ten Reasons to Work at GPO

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