Congress: The Basics

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Congress: Teaching It

  • Unit and lesson plans prepared by teachers using CongressLink resources and features. This section also includes simulations. The plans are organized by subject:

  • For links to other Web sites containing lesson plans for Congress see Related Lessons.

  • In addition to the lesson plans posted on this site, the Web hosts scores of other lessons about Congress. This section of CongressLink highlights the best and provides links to them. If you know of a lesson that we should include, please send an e-mail to Frank Mackaman at

  • Links to individual lessons about Congress

  • Links to portal sites directing you to lessons about Congress

  • "...A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet..."
    {Bernie Dodge, 1995]

  • What follows are some of the best Web sites about Congress. For links to hundreds of other sites about our nation's legislature and the federal government, please visit AboutGovernment using the link in “Explore the Websuite” below.

  • This site offers a wealth of information about Congress, including the following subparts:

  • As publishers begin to post textbooks about Congress on the Internet, we will proivde links to them here.

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Explore The Websuite

  •   The Dirksen Congressional Center Gateway
    • The Dirksen Congressional Center Gateway
      A point of entry to The Dirksen Center's suite of Web sites.

  •   The Dirksen Center
    • The Dirksen Center
      Helping People Better Understand the U.S. Congress, its people, its processes, and the public policies it produces.

  •   Robert H. Michel: U.S. Congressman
    • Robert H. Michel: U.S. Congressman
      Robert Henry "Bob" Michel - An American Republican Party politician who was a member of the United States House of Representatives for 38 years

  •   AboutGovernment
    • AboutGovernment
      Links to more than 50 sites about the U.S. Congress, four major search engines, and to a handful of sites about the federal government more generally.

  •   Congress for Kids
    • Congress for Kids
      Gives students access to interactive, fun-filled experiences designed to help them learn about the foundation of our federal government and how its actions affect you.

  •   Communicator
    • Communicator
      A monthly e-newsletter to stay current about changes to the other Dirksen Center sites, to learn about classroom uses of the information posted on them, and to hear about Dirksen Center news.


Dirksen Center Special Projects

Dirksen Center Special Projects is a series of multi-media projects rich in Web-based resources on a variety of topics from civil rights to editorial cartoons. We have posted them where it makes sense within our Web suite. But as the suite has grown, we suspect it has become more difficult to find these special projects.

To make them stand out, we have created the Dirksen Center Special Projects web page to host links to all our special projects listed below.