Docket No. 2011-3 CRB Phonorecords II: Adjustment or Determination of Compulsory License Rates for Making and Distributing Phonorecords

Petitions submitted

Amazon Digital Services Inc LimitedInc

American Association of Independent Music

Apple Inc

AT&T Mobility LLC
Beyond Oblivion Inc
Broadcast Music, Inc
Copyright Owners (National Music Association Songwriters Guild of America, Nashville Songwriters Association International, Church Music Publishers Association )
Cricket Communications Inc.
CTIA The Wireless Association
Digital Media Association
EMI Music Publishing
Google Inc
Microsoft Inc
Music Reports
Napster LLC
Omnifone Group
Packet Video Inc
Pandora Media Inc
Rdio Inc
RealNetworks Inc
Rhapsody International Inc
Recording Industry Association of America
Slacker Inc
Song Writers Guild of America
Thumbplay Inc


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