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Résumé of Congressional Activity 

Established in 1947, a final Résumé is issued at the end of each session of Congress. During the current session, a cumulative Résumé is published monthly in the Congressional Record.    Links below are to PDF documents.

Year, Congress & Session

2012 112th, 2nd

2011 112th, 1st

2010 111th, 2nd

2009 111th, 1st

2008 110th, 2nd

2007 110th 1st

2006 109th 2nd

2005 109th 1st

2004 108th 2nd

2003 108th 1st

2002 107th 2nd

2001 107th 1st

2000 106th 2nd

1999 106th 1st

1997-1998 105th

1995-1996 104th

1993-1994 103rd

1991-1992 102nd

1989-1990 101st

1987-1988 100th

1985-1986 99th

1983-1984 98th

Year, Congress & Session

1981-1982 97th

1979-1980 96th

1977-1978 95th

1975-1976 94th

1973-1974 93rd

1971-1972 92nd

1969-1970 91st

1967-1968 90th

1965-1966 89th

1963-1964 88th

1961-1962 87th

1959-1960 86th

1957-1958 85th

1955-1956 84th

1953-1954 83rd

1951-1952 82nd

1949-1950 81st

1947-1948 80th


Legislative Statistics

This chart compares legislative statistics over a 20-year period. The chart is in PDF format.

Virtual Reference Desk

For information on the Senate, Congress, the legislative process and the federal government, the Virtual Reference Desk is a good place to begin.

Compilations of Law

Compilations of Law links to the full text of several popular acts of law as they have been amended over the years.