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GPOExpressSM Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I use the GPOExpress card as a method of payment for my jobs?
Yes. The GPOExpress card is simply an authorization card that connects you to all the benefits and price discounts on the program. Your GPOExpress card is connected to the method of billing you have selected when registering for GPOExpress, which allows GPO to bill your agency once the job is completed.

Q. Who can register for a GPOExpress card?
Any federal government employee can register for a GPOExpress card as long as they have purchasing authority. Some agencies have their own printing regulations or policies for GPOExpress and may require additional signatures or steps to apply. To find your agency’s official, please contact the GPOExpress Program Manager or your National Account Manager (NAM). For these agencies, the agency printing officer or individual who controls the agency printing budget will coordinate the approval process with GPO.

Q. What billing options can I use to register for a GPOExpress card?
A. When registering for a GPOExpress the most common method of billing is by government purchase or IMPAC credit card. If you do not wish to use a credit card, you can set up your account using a GPO IPAC billing account or a GPO Deposit Account. If you have questions on these billing methods, please contact your appropriate GPO National Account Manager (NAM) for your agency.

Q. Can more than one person use a GPOExpress card?
No. For control purposes, each person must have their own GPOExpress card.

Q. Is there a set spending limit per card?
Yes. For control purposes each GPOExpress card is required to have a transaction limit on the card. There are 26 spending limits that can be used. Click here for a list. For customers that have internal agency policies for GPOExpress the amount of spending per card can be limited by the agency printing officers or individual who controls the agency printing budget.

Q. I'm new to our agency and don't know who is our printing officer or individual who controls the card in our agency. How do I find out?
Contact your appropriate GPO National Account Manager (NAM) for your agency.

Q. Does FedEx Office offer an online estimator?
Yes. You can access this calculator once you have registered for the program.

Q. Does FedEx Office offer online tracking of jobs?
Yes.  The GPOExpress program offers 24/7 online invoice tracking and account history through our eView service. Every card holder will have access to their own unique eView account. You can track shipment status by using your FedEx account online at or by contacting the location where the shipment was prepared.

Q. Does FedEx Office offer locations which can handle classified documents?
A. Yes. For this type of work please contact a GPO National Account Manager (NAM)

Q. Will the card work at the self-service stations?
Yes. You may walk in to any FedEx Office location nationwide and simply place your GPOExpress card in to any of the walk up self-service stations.

Q. Our agency does not use FedEx to ship. Can we use our UPS account to have items shipped from FedEx Office?
No. However, FedEx Office Government Solutions Program Manager Brandon Hill is willing to review your shipping requirements to ensure that shipping is provided to you in the most economical manner. For more information, contact Brandon Hill at 1. 719.930.6050 or send an email to for more information.

Q. Do the GPOExpress cards have an expiration date?
Yes. The GPOExpress card must be renewed each year by forwarding a new Form 3001 or SF-1, containing the upcoming year's new requisition number, to GPO between August 15 and September 30. If you are a GPOExpress card holder GPO will inform you directly.

Q. What do I do if I do not have a GPO Billing Address Code (BAC)?
A GPO BAC will be assigned to you when you sign up for the GPOExpress program. This BAC will be unique to the GPOExpress program for your agency.

Q. If FedEx Office promises a job by 10 a.m. and doesn't make the deadline, what happens?
FedEx Office will make every effort to achieve the expectation associated with the customer turn around-time. Sometimes, equipment issues will arise and the location will determine the best course of action including moving the job to another location.

Q. Can a FedEx Office manager deny a job due to existing workload?
FedEx Office has a vast network of centers and resources at their fingertips for getting a job done. Should one location be unable to take the job, it will check with the network to produce the work.

Q. Will FedEx Office accept InDesign files for Mac?
Yes. FedEx Office accepts InDesign files for both PC and Mac.

Q. What kind of guarantee can FedEx Office provide with regard to confidentiality?
Standard operating procedures dictate that all centers and team members are to regard their customer's work with the highest level of sensitivity and confidentiality. During a team member's initial training, confidentiality is reinforced and cited as part of offering the best possible service to the customer.

Q. I am a contractor working for a federal agency, can I participate in this program?
Yes. If you are a contractor appointed by a federal agency and the agency grants permission for you to join the GPOExpress program, you are allowed to have access to the program. Appropriated funds must be used on the program, no private funds are allowed.

Q. What is the role of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) in this process?
FedEx Office will provide GPO digital deliverables of all publications produced under this contract that are of public interest, excluding litigation documents of any kind. GPO will then distribute these documents to depository libraries electronically through the Internet or successor applications.

Q. Is a surcharge applicable?
No. There will not be a GPO surcharge to any purchase made under this contract.

Q. If I am unsure how my job will turn out, can I get a proof?
Yes. On the GPOExpress program proofs are free of charge and GPO highly recommends having a proof for every job.

Q. Does FedEx Office provide mailing services via the U.S. Postal Service?

Q. What happens if I have a problem with my print order or need assistance?
If you are unable to contact the FedEx Office center manager, contact the GPOExpress Program Manager at 202.512.2031.

Q. What happens if I need to speak to a GPO representative about an issue that can't be resolved by FedEx Office?
You can contact the GPOExpress Program Manager at 202.512.2031 or via email at You also may reach out to your GPO National Account Manager (NAM)

Q. Can I see a pricing guide?
A. Yes, view the GPOExpress Price Guide.

Q. What do I do if my GPOExpress card is lost or stolen?
 Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the GPOExpress Program Manager via e-mail Agencies are liable for charges to lost or stolen cards until written notification is received by the GPO. A new card with a new account number will be issued for you as soon as possible.

Q. What do I do if I need to cancel my card?
A. It is your responsibility as a card holder to inform GPO immediately that you need to cancel your card. You can contact the GPOExpress Program Manager at 202.512.2031 or via email at You also may reach out to your GPO National Account Manager (NAM)

Q. Does FedEx Office use recycled or sustainable papers?
Yes. FedEx Office continuously strives to increase the recycled content of the paper and wood products they purchase, and one of the latest additions is 100% post-consumer recycled color laser paper. The commodity white paper used in FedEx Office black & white copiers is made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled fiber. FedEx Office can also use FSC certified papers.

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