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GPOExpress Terms and Conditions
  • The GPOExpress program through the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) 950-S contract qualifies as a procurement of government printing by or through the GPO as required by $$ USC § 501. No form of payment other than the GPOExpress card shall be used for purchases made under the GPOExpress program.
  • No PII information should be printed on this program. It is the responsibility of the card holder to not supply any PII information to the vendor.
  • A per-transaction spending limit for each cardholder making purchases under Program 950-S has been established. This limitation may be modified at the request of the Agency or may be modified by the GPO. The total of a single transaction may be comprised of multiple items. Each transaction cannot exceed the pre-established monetary single purchase limit; and transactions may not be split to stay within this limit.
  • Contact your Agency Point of Contact (POC) or authorizing official, as appointed on your GPOExpress application, to administer spending limit override requests and for administration of the Agency's GPOExpress program participation. To find your agency’s official, please contact the GPOExpress Program Manager or your National Account Manager (NAM).
  • It is highly recommended that registered agency employees complete Program 950-S GPOExpress training prior to using the authorization card. For a list of training opportunities visit the GPOExpress Orientation Webinars page.
  • The GPOExpress card can only be used to place orders by that person printed on the card. Each cardholder must take necessary action to ensure that the GPOExpress card is used in a prudent manner and safeguarded by the cardholder. The card holder can name other persons to pick up GPOExpress orders.
  • The GPOExpress card is for official use only. Use of the card for a personal purchase, or a purchase of supplies or services that the cardholder lacks authority to make, or use of the card by a person other than the cardholder, is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized purchases may result in any or all of the following: (1) the cardholder being billed the full cost of the purchase plus interest and administrative debt collection fees as authorized by the Debt Collection Act; (2) reference of the unauthorized purchases to the appropriate Office of Inspector General for investigation or prosecution; or (3) disciplinary action, up to and including removing the employee from Federal service. Intentional use of this card for unauthorized purposes will be considered as an attempt to commit fraud against the U.S. Government.
  • The individual cardholder agrees not to use Program 950-S to acquire anything for which a GPO requirements contract, written for the Agency, already exists. 
GPOExpress Billing
  • GPO will bill regularly for purchases made by the Agency under Program 950-S.
  • The Agency agrees to pay the GPO bill with no charge-backs to GPO.
  • GPO may suspend or terminate the right of cardholders or agencies to participate in Program 950-S for failure of the Agency to pay GPO's bill, or for such other causes as the GPOExpress Program Manager determines are in the best interests of the Government. GPO will notify the Agency Point of Contact or authorizing official, as appointed on your GPOExpress application, in writing of the removal of any Agency employee or the Agency itself from authority to place orders under Program 950-S.
Liability for Payment
  • The Agency retains ultimate liability for all orders placed under Program 950-S, even if those orders exceed the amount of the Agency's deposit account or appropriation or were made by agency employees in excess of their individual per transaction limitations or were otherwise unauthorized.
  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the GPOExpress Program Manager via e-mail Agencies are liable for charges to lost or stolen cards until written notification is received by the GPO.
Miscellaneous Conditions
  • When ordering goods and services, the cardholder should inform FedEx Office that the purchase is for official U.S. Government purposes and therefore is not subject to state or local sales tax. The GPOExpress card will be imprinted with "U.S. Govt Tax Exempt" for additional clarification.
  • Cardholders using the GPOExpress card under Program 950-S will examine products delivered for defects, and if defects are suspected, proceed to resolve the deficiencies by working directly with FedEx Office.
  • By accepting the GPOExpress card, the cardholder agrees to all terms under which the card was issued. GPO reserves the right to modify said terms and conditions
  • If you have an invoice dispute, please notify FedEx Office as soon as possible and no later than 60 days after the date of the invoice in question. Please call 1.800.488.3705 or fax to 1.214.703.4034. The following information will be needed in order to process your dispute: Agency name, account number, invoice number, an explanation of the dispute and dollar amount being disputed.
Further Information
  • For further information and a complete list of GPO products and services please visit
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