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Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies

  1. What happens after I submit the required paperwork to GPO to get on the SPA?
    GPO will sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). A GPO representative will contact you to set up training at your office. The participating contractors will be notified of your authorized agency personnel and you will be provided with a database of the certified contractors and their capabilities.
  2. How do I pay for my printing?
    Payments to GPO will be accomplished by IPAC statements, Deposit Accounts, or credit card.
  3. What happens if I have a quality complaint?
    If you have an obvious quality complaint with an order, you may contact the contractor and see if an equitable solution can be obtained. If the dispute cannot be reconciled, then the agency/contractor may contact GPO for intervention. Since QATAP applies to all orders, a formal quality complaint may be forwarded to GPO for resolution.
  4. Can I pick who I want for a contractor?
    GPO will provide a database of all contractors who have been certified to participate in the SPA program and what type of products that they produce. You may solicit a quotation from one contractor for orders under $1,000. For orders $1,000 or more, you must solicit quotations from three or more contractors of your choice.
  5. Do I have to use the GPO suggested work order form?
    While it is recommended to encourage continuity, we understand that agencies may have the order form tied into their own computer systems. If you design your own form, please try to follow the SPA Work Order form supplied to you by GPO as closely as possible for data entry purposes.
  6. Can I withhold any marketing information such as my address, fax number, phone number, or e-mail address from the contractor?
    Certainly. We do not wish to inconvenience you in any way by providing information to the contractor that you do not want distributed. Since these jobs are not advertised, GPO has guaranteed the contractors the opportunity to provide you with information describing their capabilities or specialties. So you need to provide a way for them to contact you. This may be your office location, an e-mail address, or any other form of communication that is comfortable for you.
  7. How do I find out who my contractors are and what they can do?
    A database will be made available to you upon completion of all required paperwork and SPA training. This database supplies you with complete contractor information including a variety of production capabilities that the contractor has indicated.
  8. Can I pay the contractor directly with my Government credit card?
    No. But, you may use credit cards for SPA orders. The credit card information needs to be given to GPO to charge the card. If the card is given directly to a contractor and they charge the card, you will be billed again by GPO when they receive the job.
  9. Will the contractors bill me directly for my jobs?
    No. All vouchers are to be sent to GPO for payment. GPO will bill the agency by IPAC, through a deposit account, or by a credit card. If a contractor submits a voucher to you for payment, contact GPO.
  10. How can I get my favorite printer signed up on the SPA so I can use them?
    If you have a vendor that you would like to solicit work to, you just need to give a contact name and number, if possible, to the GPO office that you are working with. They will contact the vendor and if they want to participate in the SPA, GPO will certify them and notify you when the contractor is eligible to participate.
  11. What products and services does the SPA cover?
    You can procure anything printed or related services on the SPA. View a list of available SPA products and services.
  12. What should I except as a delivery time-line on the SPA?
    Whatever you indicate on the Work Order will be the delivery date. You must be realistic. The shorter the schedule, the higher the cost.
  13. Can I order any type of paper off the SPA?
    Yes. However, if you use a non JCP approved paper stock and you have a complaint, GPO will not be able to test and reject it. Non JCP paper stock does not have any standards in which to evaluate it for compliance to the specifications.
  14. Can I use the same printer on all SPA orders?
    Theoretically yes. GPO recommends rotating the work between contractors. In addition, one contractor does not specialize in every type of work so you may be paying a higher price then if you contacted a different contractor. If a job is $1,000 or more, you must solicit a minimum of three contractors.
  15. How does the SPA differ from when I send in a SF1 on the same type order?
    The SPA is an alternative procurement vehicle that will ease your administrative responsibilities by giving your agency control and convenience when looking for ways to quickly procure quality printing and related services through GPO. There are no time delays because you place the order directly with the contractor of your choice when the materials are ready.
  16. Can my agency designate a person to only solicit quotes from contractors but not be authorized to sign the order?
    Yes. Your agency will designate the rights and roles of your personnel. Some people may have a dollar limit of $10,000 while others only have $2,500.
  17. How do I know if the contractor I choose is qualified to do the work I am requesting?
    Included in the database provided by GPO, it will be recommended at what quality level a contractor should be offered work. The final decision will be up to the person offering the work. If there is ever any question, GPO will be happy to offer advice.
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