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Medicaid and CHIP Program (MACPro) Portal

Welcome to the First Edition of the MACPro Portal

This site allows the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), along with state partners and researchers, to have a single point of entry to various data systems. You will find below links that give you access to:

Additional tools will become available in the near future.

MACPro Paperwork Reduction Announcement

The Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) has presented a series 4 of webinars to demonstrate the concepts associated with our new Medicaid and CHIP Program (MACPro) system to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) requirements for public review and comment (see 77 FR 34046; June 8, 2012).

Medicaid covers and finances health care for 48 million people. By 2014, another 16 million people will become eligible for Medicaid and CHIP. CMS needs a mechanism to ensure timely approval of Medicaid and CHIP state plans, waivers and demonstrations and to provide a repository for all Medicaid and CHIP programs that supply data to populate Healthcare.gov as well as other required reports. The MACPro system will serve as the system of record for all State Medicaid and CHIP actions and is expected to become operational beginning January 2013.

The MACPro webinar recordings below will demonstrate the functionality of the system and will be posted on the internet on December 21, 2012 serving as the instrument for public review and comment.  The webinar recordings will be available for public viewing for the duration of the public comment period. The webinar recordings are organized by the modules that are part of the data collection instrument. CMS hopes that interested parties will view the webinar and comment. Please refer to our 30-day Federal Register notice for instructions on submitting comments, obtaining supplemental materials, reviewing CMS’ burden estimates, and for the comment due date.

TheMACPro recordings can be accessed on the internet at: [http://www.medicaid.gov/State-Resource-Center/Medicaid-and-CHIP-Program-Portal/Medicaid-and-CHIP-Program-Portal.htm]. A login and password is not necessary.
    1. PRA Introduction - Audio/Visualor Transcript
    2. MACPro Home Page - Audio/Visualor Transcript  
    3. MACPro Initial Application - Audio/Visual or Transcript
    4. Medicaid Administration - Audio/Visualor Transcript 
    5. Alternative Benefit Plan (ABP) - Transcript
            a. ABP 1-2 - Audio/Visual 
            b. ABP 3-4 - Audio/Visual 
    6. CHIP Administration - Audio/Visual or Transcript
    7. CHIP Eligibility - Transcript
            a. CHIP 1-2 - Audio/Visual
            b. CHIP 3 - Audio/Visual
            c. CHIP 4 - Audio/Visual
    8. PRA Closing - Audio/Visualor Transcript