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Polish Declarations: Acknowledgments

The creation of this digital facsimile of this online, searchable portion of Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States was a collective effort involving many Library of Congress departments and individuals.

Ronald D. Bachman, Polish area specialist, European Division, proposed the project, produced a page-by-page inventory of the volumes (from which the searchable database was created), conducted quality review of the digital images, and composed much of the Web site text.

The project was approved thanks to the support of John Van Oudenaren, chief of the European Division, and Michael Neubert, digital projects coordinator, Area Studies Collections. Mr. Neubert served as project leader in the beginning with assistance from digital conversion specialists Robin Taylor and Sandy Bostian, who also aided on technical matters. Lauren Woodis assumed the role of project leader prior to the project’s release.

The Manuscript Division, which has custody of the collection, endorsed the digitization effort and provided excellent logistical support throughout the project. James Hutson, chief of the Manuscript Division; Marvin Kranz, manuscript specialist for the collection; and Fred Bauman, Ernest Emrich, Jeffrey M. Flannery, Joseph Jackson, Patrick Kerwin, Bruce Kirby, and Mary Wolfskill, staff members of the Manuscript Reading Room, are gratefully acknowledged for their patience and cooperation.

Digitization of the volumes was done by Glen Krankowski in the Digital Scan Center with assistance from Lloyd Carter. Lisa Cope and Christopher Pohlhaus assisted with scanning post-production duties. Mike Fitzella and Dominic Sergi provided administrative support during the scanning. The site design and HTML coding were overseen by Lola Pyne and created by Tracey Marie Salley. Dave Woodward was responsible for the site programming. Christa Maher assisted in preparing the bibliographic data and with a variety of technical matters.

Jacek Niecko, a Polish literary scholar and frequent visitor to the European Reading Room, capably reviewed and corrected the list of terms translated from Polish.

Andrea Matles Savada and Margaret Alessi Mason edited the framework documents.
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