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Dissertations and Theses Using Prints & Photographs Division Collections, 2008-2010

The Prints & Photographs Division collections support a variety of research topics. We identified the recent dissertations and theses below through contacts with researchers and by searching resources such as ProQuest Digital Dissertations and Theses (a subscription database available on site at the Library of Congress) for works that made reference to Prints & Photographs Division holdings.

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Best, Makeda Djata. “Arouse the Conscience--The Photography of Alexander Gardner.”  Ph.D. diss., Harvard University, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 3414633).

Boster, Dea Hadley. “Unfit for Bondage: Disability and African American Slavery in the United States, 1800-1860.” Ph.D. diss., University of Michigan, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 3406224).

Cheng, Sandra."'Il Bello dal Deforme': Caricature and Comic Drawings in Seventeenth-Century Italy." Ph.D. diss.: University of Delaware, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3337488).

Devendorf, Meredith R. "Environmental Equity:  Socio-Historical Context of Industrial Siting in Riceboro, Georgia" Master's thesis.: Duke University, 2009.

Gil-Glazer, Ya'ara. "'Human Dynamite': RA/FSA Photographs, Social Change, and a New Definition of American Culture in the Critical Documentary Photobook 1938-1943." Ph.D. diss: University of Haifa, 2009.

Gollannek, Eric Frederick. “’Empire follows Art’: Exchange and the Sensory worlds of Empire in Britain and Its Colonies, 1740-1775.”  Ph.D. diss., University of Delaware, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3329779).

Hawkins, Arnette M.. “On the Brink of Humor: An Examination of the History of Political Cartoons, Journalism, and the Contributions of Robert Moore Brinkerhoff.” Ph.D. diss., The University of Toledo, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3364308).

Henderson, Amy Hudson.  "Furnishing the Republican Court: Building and Decorating Philadelphia Homes, 1790-1800." Ph.D. diss., University of Delaware, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3325494).

Kutz, Kimberly N. ”He, Being Dead, Yet Speaketh: Images and Invocations of Lincoln's Ghost, 1865-1877.” Master's thesis, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 1463830).

LaBrecque, Kelly. “Persuasion by Design: World War I, the Committee on Public Information, and the Effectiveness of Good Poster design.” Master's thesis, University of New Hampshire, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 1459503).

Levitch, Mark. “The Visual Culture of Modern War: Photography, Posters, and Soldiers' art in World War I France.”  Ph.D. diss.,  Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3309467).

Matthews, Scott Leslie. “’Up Against the World Like It Is’: Documentary Expression in the South, 1925-1965.“ Ph.D. diss.,  University of Virginia, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3312195).

Mauro, Hayes Peter. “Made in the U.S.A.: Americanizing Aesthetics at Carlisle.” Ph.D. diss.,  Ciity University of New York, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3334676).

McGregor, Mandy Lea. “The Image of Women in Graphic and Narrative Representations.” Master's thesis, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 1467282).

McGuire, Kathleen Diane. “The Transatlantic Paddy: The Making of a Transnational Irish Identity in Nineteenth-Century America.” Ph.D. diss., University of California, Riverside, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3359906).

Mika, Meghan Leigh. “Women of the Belle Epoque and World War One: Representation versus Reality.” Master's thesis, Wayne State University, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 1462412).

Miller, Rachel E. “Through Changing Scences: Architecture and Community Values in Little Rock's Historic Urban Churches.” Master's thesis, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 1453272).

Miller, Sarah M.. “'Inventing "Documentary' in American Photography, 1930-1945.” Ph.D. diss., The University of Chicago, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3362058).

Moore, Charlotte Emans. “Art as Text, War as Context: The Art Gallery of the Metropolitan Fair, New York City's Artistic Community, and the Civil War.” Ph.D. diss., Boston University, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3363625).

Peiffer, Prudence Marie. "Routine Extremism: Ad Reinhardt and Modern Art." Ph.D. diss., Harvard University, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 341526).

Pierce, Pamela Jo. "'That Dame's Got Grit': Selling the Women's Land Army." Master's thesis, Utah State University, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 1476543).

Ryan, Kathleen M. “‘When Flags Flew High’: Propaganda, Memory, and Oral History for World War II Female Veterans.” Ph.D. diss., University of Oregon, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3325683).

Saska, Hope C. "Staging the Page: Graphic Caricature in Eighteenth-Century England." Ph.D. diss., Brown University, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3377197).

Scanlan, Patricia Smith. "'God-Gifted Girls': Women Illustrators, Gender, Class, and Commerce in American Visual Culture, 1885-1925." Ph.D. diss., Indiana University, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 3409785).

Scruggs, Dalila. "'The Love of Liberty Has Brought Us Here': The American Colonization Society and the Imaging of African-American Settlers in Liberia." Ph.D. diss., Harvard University, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 3415287).

Strawn, James. “Who's Park: An Architectural History of Westlake-MacArthur Park.” Master's thesis, University of Southern California, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 1454069).

Taylor, Gregory F. “Picturing the Enemy: The Use of Visual Metaphors in Photography of the Japanese American Internment.” Ph.D. diss., Saint Louis University, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 3404034).

Tickle, Ryan E. “For their Brethren Across the Sea: The African-American Protest to Abuses in the Congo Free State, 1885-1908.” Master's thesis, California State University, Fullerton, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 1468778).

Unger, Amy E. “Progressive Experiments in Texas County Courthouse Design, 1910-1920.” Master's thesis, The University of Texas at San Antonio, 2010. ProQuest (AAT 1475878).

Young, Morgen Alix. "Indian Pictures": The Portrayal of Native Americans in FSA Photography." Master's thesis, University of South Carolina, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 1462444).

Whitner, Claire Chandler. “The Visual Culture of Surface: Berlin Modernism and the Pictorial Public.” Ph.D. diss., University of California, Los Angeles, 2008. ProQuest (AAT 3302603).

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  November 15, 2010
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