The Thomas Jefferson Papers

Virginia Records Timeline: 1553-1743


1707 - 1708

Thomas Jefferson II has a son, Peter, who will be the father of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States. Peter has two older brothers, one of whom, Thomas III, born in 1700, dies at the age of twenty-three.


October. Peter Jefferson marries Jane, the daughter of Isham Randolph. Peter also has ties to the Randolph and Byrd families through his close friendship with Colonels William Randolph and William Byrd, who, like Peter Jefferson, represent the third generation of their families in Virginia.


April 2/13*. Thomas Jefferson is born at Shadwell plantation in Goochland county. (Thomas Jefferson Timeline)

*April 2 by the Old (Julian) Calendar, April 13 by the New (Gregorian) Calendar. The New Calendar was adopted by Great Britain and its colonies in 1752. To bring the calendar in line with the solar year, it added eleven days; the new year began in January rather than March.