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Instantly get your mail anytime, anywhere

Read, respond to and organize your messages quickly, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Family and Friends, All In One Place

Import all your contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Outlook and more.

Smart Search and Filters

Locate and manage your mail with powerful tools like personal filters and advanced searching.

Message With Ease

Instant Photo and Video Viewing

Yahoo! Mail automatically detects photos and videos in your messages so you can view them right from your Inbox.

IM and SMS

It’s super easy to stay in touch with all your friends using instant message or even text messages to any mobile phone.

Unlimited Storage

Reliably keep all your messages, photos, and videos. No storage limit means you can use your email as your personal archive.

And So Much More

Spam Protection

Yahoo! blocks over 15 billion spam messages daily. Our spam protection works to deliver only the messages you want and block the ones you don't.

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Secure Mail

Yahoo! protects your mail with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, just check Turn on SSL in Mail Options.


Yahoo! Mail has a gallery of themes you can use to customize the look of your inbox.

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