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Timeline of Theodore Roosevelt's Life

1880 - 1889


June 30

T. R. graduates from Harvard magna cum laude.


T. R. begins law studies at Columbia.

October 27

T. R. and Alice marry.


November 9

T. R. is elected to the state assembly for the twenty-first district of New York State at the age of twenty-three.


T. R.'s book The Naval War of 1812 is published to critical acclaim.



T. R. goes on a trip to the Dakota Bad Lands to hunt bison; the experience persuades him to buy his own cattle herd there.


T. R. is reelected to the state assembly.


February 12

A baby daughter is born to T. R. and Alice.

February 14

T. R.'s mother dies from typhoid fever; Alice dies later the same day from Bright's disease.

February 17

The baby is christened Alice Lee.

T. R. sells his house and goes to the Dakota Bad Lands, leaving Alice Lee with his sister Bamie.


T. R.'s book Hunting Trips of a Ranchman is published.

T. R. returns from the Dakota Territory briefly to live in New York.


T. R. returns to the Bad Lands after secretly getting engaged to childhood friend Edith Kermit Carow; he returns to New York in September.

T. R. is the Republican candidate for mayor of New York. He is defeated by Abram S. Hewitt.

December 2

T. R. and Edith Carow are married at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, England.



T. R. and Edith return from their honeymoon in Europe to their home, Sagamore Hill, in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Alice Lee comes to live with them in May.

T. R.'s book Thomas Hart Benton is published.

September 13

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. is born to T. R. and Edith Carow Roosevelt.


T. R.'s books Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, Gouverneur Morris, and Essays on Practical Politics are published.


T. R. is appointed U.S. Civil Service commissioner and moves to Washington, while his family remains at Sagamore Hill, Long Island.

The first two volumes of T. R.'s work The Winning of the West are published, the third in 1894, the fourth in 1896.

October 10

A son, Kermit, is born to T. R. and his wife.


Edith comes to Washington.


Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt

descriptive record icon enlarge image icon Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt (1st wife of Theodore Roosevelt) Prints & Photographs Div., Library of Congress.

Theodore Roosevelt's diary entry: The light has gone out of my life.

enlarge image icon Theodore Roosevelt's Diary entries, on the most tragic times of his life. 

2nd wife of President Theodore Roosevelt

descriptive record icon enlarge image icon [Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, three-quarters length portrait, seated at desk,facing forward]. ca.1900-1910. (2nd wife of President Theodore Roosevelt)