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Film Chronology of Roosevelt and His Times

1905 - 1910


During his second term, Roosevelt worked on bringing a peace settlement to the Russo-Japanese War. Delegates from both nations were invited to New Hampshire to facilitate this. Roosevelt also acquired the right for the U.S. to build a canal in Panama and visited the country himself in November 1906, the first time a president in office had ever visited a foreign nation. Oscar Straus, secretary of commerce and labor in Roosevelt's cabinet during this term, is shown in one of the following films, taken after 1909. The Sculptor's Nightmare is a satire of a political club trying to decide who will follow Roosevelt as president.

Theodore Roosevelt

TR's Inaugural Ceremony, 1905

TR's Inauguration, 1905 [1]

TR's Arrival in Panama, November 1906 [2]

TR Speaking in Panama, November 1906

His Times

Scenes and Incidents, Russo-Japanese Peace Conference , Portsmouth, N.H.

Peace Envoys at Portsmouth, N.H.

Japanese and Russian peace delegates--leaving New York City, 1905

The Sculptor's Nightmare

Oscar Straus


After his presidency was over, Roosevelt embarked on an expedition to Africa for the Smithsonian Institution to gain animal specimens. After Africa, he traveled to Europe where he met with dignitaries and monarchs, accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway for his efforts in ending the Russo-Japanese War, and represented the United States at the funeral of King Edward VII of England. In 1910, Roosevelt flew in an airplane at St. Louis, Missouri, the first time someone who had served as president had ever flown in an airplane.

Theodore Roosevelt

TR in Africa [1909, 2]

TR's Return from Africa, 1910 [2]

TR in Norway and Denmark, 1910 [1]

TR Reviews French Troops at Vincennes, France, 1910

TR Speaking at the Battery, 1910

TR's Return to New York, 1910 [1]

Cartoon: TR's Arrival in Africa

Cartoon of TR's Reception by Crowned Heads of Europe

Colonel Roosevelt Is Invited to Fly in Arch Hoxsey's Plane at St. Louis, Mo., 1910

His Times

King Edward's Funeral, 1910 [2]

William H. Taft in Panama

Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria Greeted by His People