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Film Chronology of Roosevelt and His Times

1911 - 1915


Roosevelt is pictured speaking at the dedication of the Roosevelt Dam, a project which was largely the result of his presidential leadership in irrigation policy.

TR Speaking at the Dedication of Roosevelt Dam, 1911

Scenes of Roosevelt Dam

The Roosevelt Dam [1]


Roosevelt ran for the presidency again on the Progressive Party ticket and campaigned actively for the election, but lost to Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson. Films of his daily life at his Sagamore Hill home were made as interest in his campaign grew.

TR at Fargo, N.D., during Progressive Campaign, 1912 [1]

TR speaking at [Pueblo] Colorado, 1912

Scenes of TR at Sagamore Hill, 1912

A Visit to Theodore Roosevelt at His Home at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, L.I., 1912


Roosevelt traveled to the Southwest in 1913 with his sons Archie and Quentin, as seen in the first film listed below. Roosevelt then traveled to South America in late 1913 to deliver several lectures. He decided to go on an expedition down the previously unexplored River of Doubt, a trip which made him gravely ill. The river which the expedition mapped was named Rio Roosevelt, or Rio Teodoro, for him. Another activity that kept Roosevelt occupied during this period was writing for The Outlook magazine.

Hopi Indians Dance for TR at [Walpi, Ariz.] 1913

The River of Doubt [2]

TR Seated at His Desk in the Outlook Office [1914?]


In 1915, Roosevelt went on an expedition with the National Audubon Society to bird sanctuary islands off the Louisiana coast, one of which was established by Roosevelt's order in 1905. Also that year, he and his wife visited the Panama-California Exposition in San Diego.

TR [in Louisiana], 1915 [4]

Roosevelt, Friend of the Birds [1]

TR and Mrs. Roosevelt [at the Panama-California Exposition, 1915]

TR at San Diego Exposition, 1915