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Film Chronology of Roosevelt and His Times

1916 - 1918


In 1916 Roosevelt was encouraged by many to run for president again, a notion which he entertained, but ultimately declined. He traveled to New Mexico where he campaigned for the Republican candidate, Charles E. Hughes. It is possible that the film T.R. with Rough Rider Friends was filmed during this trip.

Theodore Roosevelt

TR Speaking to a Group of Men From the Porch at Sagamore Hill, 1916

TR at Sagamore Hill [1916]

TR Speaking at Sagamore Hill [1916-1918] [1]

TR's Reception in Albuquerque, N.M., 1916

TR in New Mexico, 1916

TR with Rough Rider Friends

His Times

Charles E. Hughes Speaking during Campaign, Duquesne, Pa., 1916

Chauncey Depew, Senator Perkins, and Governor Whitman of New York, at GOP Convention, 1916, Chicago, Ill.

1916-1918 World War I

As war loomed in Europe, Roosevelt became increasingly convinced that the United States needed to prepare for the advent of war, and opposed those who spoke for peace at all costs. When the United States finally did join the World War, he volunteered to serve abroad, but Wilson denied his request. Thwarted, Roosevelt turned his attention to campaigning for the war efforts and sending his sons to serve in the war. He lost his son Quentin in this war, when he was shot down behind German lines. Other films in this section include President Wilson and French actress Sarah Bernhardt promoting the war effort; the German ambassador to the United States, Count von Bernstorff; and scenes of European monarchs of the period, including the Czar of Russia, who was deposed (and later killed) by the Bolsheviks towards the end of World War I.

Theodore Roosevelt

Shall We Prepare?

TR in St. Paul, Minn. [1917]

TR Speaking in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1918

TR at Forest Hills, New York, 1917 [2]

Roosevelt Scenes [1917-1918]

TR in Baltimore During Liberty Loan Drive, 1918

TR at Baltimore [1918]; TR at Sagamore [Hill, 1918]

TR's Sons' Regiments During War, 1917-1918 [1]

TR Speaking at Sagamore Hill [1916-1918] [1]

TR Reviews and Addresses Troops [Fort Sheridan, Ill.]; TR Riding in Auto, Chicago, 1917

TR at Billings, Montana [1918]

His Times

Sarah Bernhardt Addresses Crowd in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, 1917

[Quentin Roosevelt]; Clemenceau and Roch, 1917-1919

President Wilson Arrives in NY to Lead Fourth Liberty Loan Parade [1918]

Czar Nicholas of Russia

Last Known Home of Czar Nicholas

Kaiser Wilhelm

[Scenes of the British Royal Family]

Count von Bernstorff of Germany


Numerous films exist which show Roosevelt during the period of 1917 to 1918 making speeches from his home at Sagamore Hill and attending various public events.

TR and Leonard Wood at the New York Flower Show, 1917

TR Speaking to a Group of Suffragettes From the Porch at Sagamore Hill [1917]

TR Receiving Belgian Envoys at Sagamore Hill [1917]

TR, Mayor Mitchel, Governor Charles Whitman of New York, and Myron Herrick, 1917

TR Reviewing and Speaking to 13th Regiment at Sagamore Hill, 1917

TR Attends His Son Archie's Wedding at Boston, 1917

TR Calls on Neighbors at Christmas, 1917

Women Suffragettes Visit TR at Sagamore [1917]

TR on Fifth Avenue, New York, near St. Patrick's Cathedral After Attending Mayor Mitchel's Funeral