Newspaper Pictorials: World War I Rotogravures

Chief Events of the War Timeline: 1914-1919


Jan. 24—Naval battle off Dogger Bank.

Feb. 2—Turks defeated on Suez Canal.

Feb. 18—U-boat "blockade" of England.

Feb. 25—Allied fleet attacked Dardanelles.

March 10—British captured Neuve Chapelle.

March 22—Russians took Przemysl.

April 22—Second battle of Ypres begun; first gas attack by Germans.

April 25—Allied landing in Gallipoli.

May 3—Battle of the Dunajec.

May 6—Battle of Krithia, Gallipoli.

May 7—Lusitania torpedoed.

May 8—Germans occupied Libau.

May 11—German repulse at Ypres.

May 12—General Botha occupied Windhuk.(Africa.)

May 10—Russian retreat to the San.

May 23—Italy declared war on Austria.

May 25—British Coalition Cabinet formed.

June 2—Italians crossed Isonzo.

June 3—Russians evacuated Przemysl.

June 22—Austro-Germans recaptured Lemberg.

July 2—Pommern sunk in Baltic.

July 9—German Southwest Africa conquered.

July 24—Nasiriyeh, on Euphrates, taken.

Aug. 4—Fall of Warsaw.

Aug. 5—Fall of Ivangorod.

Aug. 6—New landing at Suvla Bay. Germans took Warsaw.

Aug. 8—General Birdwood's advance at Anzac.

Aug. 17—Fall of Kovno.

Aug. 18—Russian victory in Riga Gulf.

Aug. 19—Fall of Novo-Georgievsk.

Aug. 21—Cotton declared contraband.

Aug. 25—Fall of Brest-Litovsk.

Sept. 1—General Alexeieff as Chief of Staff.

Sept. 2—Fall of Grodno.

Sept. 5—Czar as Generalissimo.

Sept. 7—Russian victory near Tarnapol.

Sept. 18—Fall of Vilna.

Sept. 21—Russian retreat ended.

Sept. 25—Battle of Loos and Champagne.

Sept. 28—Victory at Kut-el-Amara.

Oct. 4—Russian ultimatum to Bulgaria.

Oct. 5—Allied landing at Saloniki.

Oct. 6—Austro-German invasion of Serbia.

Oct. 9—Belgrade occupied.

Oct. 14—Bulgaria at war with Serbia.

Oct. 17—Allied note to Greece.

Oct. 22—Bulgarians occupy Uskub.

Oct. 28—M. Briand French Premier.

Nov. 5—Fall of Nish.

Nov. 22—Battle of Ctesiphon.

Nov. 29—British withdrew from Ctesiphon.

Dec. 2—Fall of Monastir.

Dec. 3—General Townshend at Kut.

Dec. 9—Allied retreat in Macedonia.

Dec. 13—Saloniki lines fortified.

Dec. 15—Haig British Commander in Chief.

Dec. 19—Withdrawal from Gallipoli.

Dec. 25—Turkish defeat at Kut.

Excerpted from The War of the Nations: Portfolio of Rotogravure Etchings, 526-27.


Soldiers on horseback

descriptive record icon enlarge image icon [Detail] "French-Algerian Cavalry Advancing in Northern France." New York Times, January 31, 1915, 1.