Newspaper Pictorials: World War I Rotogravures

Chief Events of the War Timeline: 1914-1919


Jan. 1—Turkey denounced Berlin Treaty.

Feb. 1—"Unrestricted" U-Boat war begun.

Feb. 3—America broke with Germany.

Feb. 24—British recaptured Kut-el-Amara.

March 11—British entered Bagdad.

March 12—Revolution in Russia.

March 15—Abdication of the Czar.

March 18—British entered PĂ©ronne.

March 21—First British Imperial War Cabinet.

April 6—America declared war on Germany.

April 9—Battle of Vimy Ridge begun.

May 4—French took Craonne.

May 14—New Italian offensive.

May 15—General Petain French Commander in Chief.

May 18—Selective draft law passed in United states.

June 7—British victory at Messines Ridge.

June 12—Abdication of King Constantine.

June 26—First American troops in France.

June 29—General Allenby commander in Egypt.

July 1—Last Russian offensive begun.

July 14—Bethmann Hollweg dismissed.

July 17—British Royal House styled "Windsor."

July 10—Reichstag "peace" resolution.

July 21—Kerensky in power at Petrograd.

July 24—Russian defeat in Galicia.

July 31—Great allied attack around Ypres.

Aug. 20—President Wilson's note to the Pope.

Sept. 4—Germans occupied Riga.

Sept. 15—Russian Republic proclaimed.

Sept. 28—British victory at Ramadieh.

Oct. 9—Allied attack in Flanders.

Oct. 24—Italian defeat at Caporetto.

Oct. 20—Fall of Udine.

Oct. 30—Chancellor Michaelis dismissed.

Oct. 31—British captured Beersheba.

Nov. 1—German retreat on Chemin des Dames. Hertling German Chancellor.

Nov. 4—British troops in Italy.

Nov. 6—British stormed Passchendaele Ridge.

Nov. 7—Lenine and Trotzky in power; Bolshevist coup d'etat in Russia.

Nov. 8—Italian stand on the Plave.

Nov. 16—Clemenceau Ministry.

Nov. 17—British in Jaffa.

Nov. 18—General Maude's death in Mesopotamia.

Nov. 20—British victory at Cambrai.

Nov. 29—First plenary session of Interallied War Council.

Nov. 29—German success at Cambrai.

Dec. 9—Armistice on Russian front.

Dec. 10—British enter Jerusalem.

Dec. 22—Brest-Litovsk Conference opened.

Dec. 26—Sir R. Wemyss First Sea Lord.

Excerpted from The War of the Nations: Portfolio of Rotogravure Etchings, 526-27.


a bobby wearing a zepplin card that reads TAKE COVER

descriptive record icon enlarge image icon [Detail] "Londoners scoot for the nearest cellar when they see a bobby wearing this Zeppelin card."  New York Tribune, August 12, 1917, [6].