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  1. I am a locksmith in North Carolina and I want to know what is being done about locksmith scammers? There are 1000's of these guys on google and they are ripping off the general public. Most of them are operating without the necessary licenses. Can someone please help?
  2. hi is there anybody who is an expert on the authors Louis L'Amour and Ernest Hemingway?
  3. Wonderful music,incredable history Enrico Caruso's"Lost Chord"brings tears to my eyes each time I play it. I would not have enjoyed this masterpiece were it not for The Library of Congress. Our tax dollars have never looked or sounded better. Thank You Vincent Lawrence Cardinal
  4. Mike Floresposted toThe Library of Congress
    I want to know who the 180 representatives were that voted against the aid package this evening for the hurricane sandy victims
  5. USetdA shared a link.
    Here's your chance to contribute to the premier Electronic Thesis & Dissertation event in North America! Call For Proposals: USETDA 2013 in Claremont, California - March 15th deadline. Send us your presentation idea today!
  6. "Two-Lane Blacktop," the 1971 road movie starring James and Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, has just been added to The Library of Congress's National Film Registry. And now you can see James's original screen test!

    Directed by Monte and written by Rudolph Wurlitzer, the movie follows the two obsessed but laconic young operators of a souped-up 1955 Chevy as they engage in a cross-country race with a 1970 Pontiac GTO, owned by a middle-aged driver (Warren Oates).

    Read more here:
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  7. Another good thing in America.
  8. All due credit to Representative John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, and all of the Congressional staff and professionals at the The Library of Congress who have ...worked together to advance the cause of open government in making the People's House more accessible to the People online:

    Much more remains to be done but incremental, evolutionary progress is worth recognizing.
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  9. I wish I really could visit The Library of Congress and see with my own eyes to validate that it is the largest library in the world. Are there any one who has similar wish too?
  10. hi
    i am from pakistan i have master dagree and i work as catelouger in national institue of historical and cultureal research centre of excellence queid.e.azam university islambad so plz i want my library collebrat with ur library and want share of knoweldge and information plz contact with me

  11. Hi I'm from Belarus. and I'm interested in maps of my country in ancient times in the period 1900-1945 all sizes.
    And detailed 1:25,000
    Please help me. ??Thank you very much
    p / s write via Google Translate)
  12. Is there a Hj Res 15 (2012-2013)? if so what does it cover
  13. How many books are there in the Library of Congress?
  14. I mean the English collections of those plays. Let me know when you get it,pls,so i can send you my mail address to welcome copies of that
  15. Hi,great people of the greatest public online library in the World. I'm Johnson Adeolu,an English student of Nigeria. I really am in urgently in need of your assistance. I'm no scammer. I need you to help me search for two plays in North Africa. Namely Araberlin by jalila baccar and The folies berbers by Tayeb Saddiki,Tunisia and Morocco respectively. Pls ooo! I have two days to finalise my project on them.
  16. Giovanni Marino Lunaposted toThe Library of Congress
    Wonderful site, actually worth visiting it , a marvelous discovery of a "seriously " doted Library
  17. D'you think they'd mind if I sent them one of my books?
  18. I congratulate the American people and the U.S. government and President Obama's New Year and I hope with all my heart to be Happy New Year generalized security and peace to all peoples ..And I wish a speedy recovery to former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and tell her that we love you and sensitive except to see you in the New Year in the highest positions in the world... Happy New Year.
  19. Enjoyed D.C.s recent International Summit of the Book - a remarkable overview presented with passion from the scientific, business & humanities perspectives - Thank you
  20. Characteristic of library in the world?
  21. Besa: The Promise will be screened at the Washington Jewish Film Festival January 6 & 8. The film incorporates rare archival film shot in Albania during the early 1930s from the Elliott and Burta Taylor Collection at the LOC. The brittle and shrunken film was restored for our documentary and will be seen publicly here in DC for the first time.

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