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Industrial arts of Korea Whasin Dept. Store, Seoul, Korea / L.K.H. 1948.7
Industrial arts of Korea Whasin Dept. Store [Detail], Seoul, Korea / L.K.H. 1948.7 - Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Korean Serials (한국 정기 간행물)

The Korean Section's collections include 7394 periodical titles, including 234 North Korean titles.

The Korean Serial List provides researchers with detailed information about the rich and diverse newspaper periodical collections located throughout the Library of Congress. We may have only scattered issues of some journals. Please consult with the Korean Reference Specialist to verity our receipt of specific issues.

Search the Korean Serials

The data in this list may be searched via subject, English (including romanized), and Korean titles. One may also choose to perform advanced searching. Viewing a full bibliographic record is achieved by clicking the LCCN from the displayed short record. Completion of searches reflects Korean titles following English titles. In compliance with the Library of Congress procedures, the Korean serials are romanized through using the McCune-Reischauer system. Consult the ALA-LC Romanization Tables to learn more about Korean Romanization.

See also : Korean Bibliography

Maintained by Sonya Lee, Korea Reference Specialist

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  November 15, 2010
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