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The Law Recruit program offers the opportunity for permanent employment as a legislative attorney with the American Law Division. The program is open to students in their final year of law school and recent law school graduates serving in judicial clerkships. Library of Congress employees who possess a law degree but are not serving in the General Attorney (GS-905) series are also eligible to apply. All candidates must possess a portfolio of high-quality legal analytical writing.

Recruitment and Application Procedures

The recruitment and application process for the Law Recruit Program involves three steps: (1) an initial recruitment interview, (2) a formal application package, and (3) if invited, an on-site interview.

  1. Interested candidates must complete an initial recruitment interview before proceeding to the second, formal application stage of the process. Initial recruitment interviews are generally conducted at selected regional job fairs and recruitment conferences. A candidate who has not had the opportunity to attend such fairs or conferences may request a recruitment interview by submitting an individual expression of interest (consisting of a cover letter and a resumé) that addresses specifically the candidate's qualifications and interest in legal research and writing in a public service legislative context and demonstrates strong research, writing and oral communication skills. Individual expressions of interest must be sent to the e-mail address below by October 1. The division is not able to respond to all correspondence.
  2. Candidates who have completed an initial recruitment interview may submit a formal application. A formal application package consists of a resumé, cover letter, law school transcript or self-prepared course list, and evidence of the ability to research and write legal analytical documents. Applications must be submitted by December 1.
  3. Application packages are examined by division recruiters, and selected applicants are invited to a more in-depth interview held in the American Law Division in Washington, D.C. Such interviews are generally conducted in January and February. Offers are extended in March and are finalized upon the candidate's graduation from law school. Law recruits typically report for work in September.

For information on the status of the Law Recruit Program, please contact Kevin B. Greely, American Law Division, at LawRecruit@crs.loc.gov.

Salary, Promotion Potential and Benefits

CRS Law Recruits are hired at the GS-11 level ($62,467 - $81,204), which requires graduation from law school but does not require bar membership. Bar membership must be obtained within 14 months of hire. The legislative attorney position carries a promotion potential to the GS-15 level ($123,758 - $155,500). Staff are eligible for promotion after one year in grade and demonstrated performance at the next highest grade.

The standard federal benefits apply.

Citizenship Requirements

See the CRS citizenship requirements page for information.

More Information

To learn more about the Law Recruit Program or the American Law Division, please contact Kevin B. Greely, American Law Division, at LawRecruit@crs.loc.gov.

Last Updated: 08/09/2012