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The Cultures and History of the Americas: The Jay I. Kislak Collection at the Library of Congress
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Staff for the Exhibition

Exhibition Team:

  • Irene Chambers, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Giulia Adelfio, Exhibition Director, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Arthur Dunkelman, Curator of the Jay I. Kislak Collection, Rare Book and Special Collections Division

From the Interpretive Programs Office:

  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
  • Chris O'Connor, Lead Production Specialist
  • Betsy Nahum-Miller, Online Exhibition Coordinator
  • Tambra Johnson, Registrar
  • Susan Mordan, Education Specialist

Denise Agee, Tracey Avant, Kimberli Curry, Seth de Matties, David Hayward, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson, Antonio La Greca, Cheryl Regan, Patrick Shepler, and Rachel Waldron.

Special thanks are due to the following members of the staff of the Library of Congress for their assistance with this exhibition:

Deanna Marcum and Robert Dizard, Library Services; Charles Stanhope, Sue Siegel, Development Office; Mark Dimunation, Rare Book and Special Collections Division; John Hebert, Geography and Map Division; Barbara Tenenbaum, Hispanic Division; Sylvia Albro, John Bertonaschi, Rikki Condon, Claire Dekle, Alan Haley, Yasmeen Kahn, Maria Nugent, Dianne Van Der Reyden, Conservation Division; Jill Brett, Helen Dalrymple, Public Affairs Office; Robert deMariano, Sue Hayduchok, Bob Ralls, and Belinda Urquiza, Automation Planning and Liaison Office; Jade Curtis, Glen Krankowski, Michael McClure, Domenic Sergi, Jason Yasner, Information Technology Systems; Julianne Mangin and Elizabeth Miller, Network Development and Marc Standards Office; Stanley Bandong, Graphics Art Services; Onnetta Benoit, Printing Management Section.

"Page by Page" presentation of The Buccaneers of America:

Created by the Library of Congress in collaboration with the National Library of Medicine. At the Library of Congress: Vicki Fortuno, Stephen Engratt, W. Dana Nuon, Andrea Dillon, Office of Strategic Initiatives; Elmer Eusman, Preservation Directorate. At the National Library of Medicine Communications Engineering Branch: George R. Thoma, Glenn Pearson, Michael Chung.

Introduction video and Tortuguero Box Interactive:

Created by Second Story Interactive Studios; Laser photography by Direct Dimensions.

Exhibition and Brochure Design: Riggs Ward Design

   Home Overview About Kislak Exhibition Checklist Interactive Objects Learn More Credits

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  July 27, 2010

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