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Senate Printing and Document Services

B-04, Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC  20510-7106
9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
Phone:   (202)224-7701 (availability inquiries only)
Fax:   (202)228-2815
E-mail: orders@sec.senate.gov

Documents Available

The Senate document room provides copies of publications generated by the Senate, including bills and resolutions; legislative and executive reports, including conference reports; documents; and committee assignment lists (pdf). The document room also supplies copies of public laws and treaties. Bills, resolutions, and committee rosters are available for the current Congress only. All other items are held 10 years or more.

Many bills are available online or through a depository library.

Documents produced by the House are available from the House Legislative Resource Center.

How to Obtain Senate Documents

You can request documents in person, in writing, via e-mail, or via fax. Please use document numbers, and not bill titles or descriptions, in your request.

Active Legislation is one of several resources that will help you find bill numbers.


Landmark Legislation

Click here to learn what historical events took place this month in Senate history on Senate.gov's Landmark Legislation Page.

Lobby Disclosure

Learn more about filing lobbying documents with the Office of Public Records.

How to find bills

Use this guide to help you find the full text of recent bills and resolutions on the Web, or order them from the Senate or House Document Rooms, or you can find them in a library.    

Find Votes

There are several sources for finding out about the floor votes cast by a Senator or Representative.