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Frequently asked questions about the Senate with links to the answers.

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The Senate

    How was the Senate formed?   Origins & Development

    How does the U.S. Constitution guide the Senate?

            Constitution of the United States
            The Senate and the U.S. Constitution

    How does the Senate operate?

        Rules & Procedures
            Riddick's Senate Procedure (GPO)
            Standing Rules of the Senate
        Legislative Process
            Enactment of a Law
            Legislative Process
            One Way a Bill becomes a Law

    Why does the Senate provide "advice and consent" on treaties?

            Treaties: Historical Overview
            Treaties: Reference Guide

    What is the Senate's role in presidential nominations?

            Nominations: Historical Overview
            Nominations: Reference Guide

    Why is the Senate the "High Court of Impeachment"?

            Impeachment: Historical Overview & Cases
            Impeachment Reference Guide

    What are some notable moments in Senate history?

            Classic Senate Speeches
            Facts & Milestones
            Historical Minutes

    What is life like in the Senate?

            Isaac Bassett: Life in the Senate
            Oral History Project


    How are senators elected? What are the qualifications to become a senator?

            Constitutional Qualifications for Senators
            Direct Election of Senators

    Who are the current U.S. senators?   Current Senators

        How do I contact my senators?   Contacting Senators Guide

    What committees do my senators serve on?   Committee Membership List

    What are the various leadership roles in the Senate?

            Senate Leadership
            Senate Organization

    Where can I find information about former U.S. senators?

            Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress
            Featured Biographies
            Isaac Bassett's recollection of notable senators

    Where can I find pictures of former senators?

        Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress
        Graphic Art
            Political Cartoons of Thomas Nast
            Puck Cartoons (1876-1918)

Online Exhibits & Games

        Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate: Rediscovering an Historic Painting
        Isaac Bassett: A Senate Memoir
        Photographic Exhibits
        Russell Senate Office Building: 1909-2009
        Senate Chamber Desks
        Senate Trivia Questions
        Take the Puck Challenge

Reference Tools

        How to. . .
        Statistics & Lists
        Virtual Reference Desk