FSA B&W Photos


Since 1944, staff at the Library of Congress have made the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection accessible to the public. As part of a Congressional Appropriation established in 1989, staff on the Prints & Photographs Division Deteriorating Negatives Project (DNP) have worked to make the collection available in a digital format, in addition to improving general access to the materials. Current DNP processing staff include Mary Jane Appel, Donna Lacy Collins, DeAnna Dare Evans, and Cheryl McCullers. They were part of the core Web site construction team, in addition to continuing to process and provide access to the FSA-OWI collection.

Between 1992 and 1998, staff in the Prints and Photographs division working with the DNP team have contributed to processing the collection. Former FSA-OWI Collection processing staff include: Kit Arrington, Katherine Blood, Myron Briggs, Colleen Byrne, Roger Cillo, Gay Colyer, Matt Cook, Glenn Gardner, Barbara Hoyniak, Arlene Hughes, Sally Jacobs, Deborah Kapper, Lori Kaufmann, Paula Kelly, Rachel Kunkle, Bryan Long, Ashley Roach, Davina Snow, and Lynn Washington. Former P&P administrative staff who also made significant contributions include: Steven E. Ostrow, Elisabeth Parker and Bernard F. Reilly. Other participants on this project include former Library of Congress staff members Steve Puglia (R&T), Sarah Wagner, and Merrilee Wilson (Conservation).

Core Web construction staff for "America from the Great Depression to World War II: FSA-OWI Black-and-White Photographs," included: Mary Ambrosio and Dave Woodward (ITS); Carl Fleischhauer, Melissa Smith-Levine and Glenn Ricci (NDL); Maricia Battle, Beverly Brannan, Mary Ison, Jane Makich, Phil Michel, and Barbara Natanson (P&P)

Other Library of Congress staff also made valuable contributions including: Helen Mathura (C&L); Martha Anderson, Ursula Marcum and Susan Veccia (NDL); Jennifer Brathovde, Brett Carnell, Sam Daniel, Jan Grenci, Marilyn Ibach, Maja Keech, Woody Woodis, and Helena Zinkham (P&P).

Thanks also to Linda Ayres, Chief, Prints and Photographs Division, for her support of this project.

FSA B&W Photos