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These titles are mostly first-person accounts of life in Texas collected during the Great Depression. Subjects include PIONEER REMINISCENCES, including those of immigrants from Europe; COWBOY AND RANCHING REMINISCENCES AND LORE, including African-Americans and Hispanics; some discussion of Indians; and more.

Places described include: the counties of Real, Uvalde, Grayson, McLennan, Tarrant, Lamb, Erath, Borden, Coryell, Lubbock, and more; and the towns of Lampasas, Waco, Amarillo, Fort Worth, Reagan, San Angelo, Brandon, Eldorado, Coleman, Wichita Falls, Waxahachie, Stephenville, Palestine, Maverick, Ballinger, and more.

Interviews were conducted by project workers Florence Angermiller, Mrs. Edgerton Arnold, Sam Champie, C. May Cohea, Lucille Cope, Effie Cowan, Nellie B. Cox, Ada Davis, Mary Agnes Davis, Nita Davis, Lottie DeCraffeneid, Ethel Delaney, Elizabeth Doyle, Elliot and William V. Ervin, Charles R. Fuller, Sheldon F. Gauthier, Walter F. Hale, Mable M. Hamilton, Alice Hampton, Claudia Harris, Ann B. Hill, Martha S. Jennings, Marjorie Key, Richard Lamb, Mary E. Liberato, Emma McAden, Annie McAulay, Delise McGuire, Lettie Major, Gladys Marshall, Mrs. J. O. Miller, Ruby Mosley, Lois Osburn, Josie Fay Peck, Woody Phipps, Mildred Ridenbaugh, William E. Smith, Edward Townsend, Ivey G. Warren, Ruth Wood and Mrs. Wyndham.

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