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Mohan Koirala, 1926-


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  1. Mohana Koiralaka kavita.
    Kathmandu : Sanja Prakashan, 1973.
    (LCCN: 74901717)
    • "Pyaro pyaro mero lobha"
      Realmedia excerpt: pp. 111
      MP3 excerpt: pp. 111

  2. Himaculi raktima cha.
    Kathmandu : Nepal Rajkiya Pragya Pratishtan, 1978.
    (LCCN: 79905801)

  3. Euta papalarako pata.
    Baneshwar : Jagdish Shamsher Rana, 1990.
    (LCCN: 91907864)

Mohan Koirala was born in 1926 in Kathmandu. He is placed as one of the greatest poets in modern Nepali literature, specializing in prose poems. His early poems showed open anger against the Rana oligarchy. Today most students of Nepalese literature believe that Mohan Koirala's poems require extra attention, and provide especially rich emotional rewards.

Mohan Koirala has been publishing regularly in Nepalese literature journals and has also served as the Vice-Chancellor of the Royal Nepal Academy. He is appreciated not only for his excellent poems but also for his strong influence on Nepalese poetry. "While he may not be the first to introduce the new poetic thought in Nepal, he has made great contributions to the preservation of this tradition," comments critic Iswar Baral in an essay of 1973. "While noted poets were following the romantic tradition, Mohan Koirala gave voice to life's struggles. Therefore among the new generation of poets he is the sharpest; the most experienced, and has the greatest clarity". Baral also states that Koirala was always influenced by the romantic poets and this attraction permeates his poetry and enriches it.

In his own words, Mohan Koirala says, "The love for the fresh and respect for the old are the demands of the modern writing style". His first poem Jada jadai was published in 1950. He has been honored with various awards including the Madan Puruskar award.

The Library of Congress has nineteen works by him.

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October 6, 2010
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